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Saturday, December 12, 2009


Nowadays ads in multi media have become a source of entertainment, it creates suspense and tickles the bones.

They cover, uncover, and discover!

People from all walks of life do the role-play; it has more value with the film stars and sports persons endorsing a product.

There is no such thing that just because a product is launched by or endorsed by famous personalities would boost the sale. Ultimately, the consumer is the buyer and definitely, he will weigh the pros and cons of it before shelling from his pocket.

When a product like soaps is advertised, they just give the value like only 10 Rs. However, what they do not reveal is the weight of soap, this is one type when consumers go for it due to the cost, and they do not read what is in fine prints.

Sometimes one keeps wondering the link between the people who appear and the products. There is an ad going on for chocolates, scantily clad girl [s] was doing the show: I do not think only girls or women who crave for chocolates, this does not have any age bar. Why should a woman dress so to show cause for a brand? Is there any connection between the dress and the chocolate?

In many ads, women are exploited and they are treated as a commodity for a commodity. One cannot blame the ad world as long as they are there; women are also there who allow them to be exploited.

Next comes small kids they are employed in ad world, small and big screens, they are deprived of their childhood and fame and money gets into their heads.
The childhood days are snatched from them, no one understands that childhood comes only once in everyone’s life. They have to cope between the pressure of studies and shootings.

Some of the ads provide a nice entertainment e.g., Vodafone and Max Life Insurance. Some make us wonder about the idea germination. Who is behind the scene for the successful launch of a product?

I do not know how many have noticed that the dresses, the things around mostly have the colour of the product advertised. This gives a nice look.

On the whole, ads are not bad because I remember in 70s and 80s we would never give a miss to ads in theatres, there was no TV at home and it was only on big screens one can see them apart from print media!


  1. Ad media is one of the most competitive industry nowadays next or even better than IT. I have plans to try my hands on that industry as well in future :)

  2. all the best and remember my thoughts!God bless all of us!