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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wise Ekalavya

Class eight was crucial for any parents and all parents want their children to do their best in studies,the students with blinkers do not know whether to defy their parents or just be the ''Hutch Dog''.

Manoj's parents are so worried ,they have many in the familly who studied thro' scholarship and it will be a shame if their son do not join the bandwagon of scholars .

They tried their best and decided to show their money power. Finally before the mid term exam, approach the principal and trustees to yield to their request.Coming under tremendous pressure, they had to budge.

You must be wondering what the request was. Nothing but to take the brilliant student and the tough competitor Aditya's right thumb before the exam so that he does not wirte the exam and also undergoes pain and suffering.

Done as instructed, comes the much awaited exam and followed by the parent -teacher's meeting. Manoj's parents find out that this time as usual Aditya has topped the class, without even giving a second thought, approach the principal and the management on their promise.

The principal caught unaware claims that indeed Aditya's right thumb has been cut off and he still wonders how he could top the class. Finally the class teacher was called and what Manioj parent's heard did not only shock them but also the principal and the trustees.

The class teacher repeats, Aditya is a left hander!!!!!!!!!!!!,so it does not affect him in his performance.

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