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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Anybody, Somebody , Nobody

‘’How does it matter, don’t care, Chaltha hai ‘’

This is that somebody, nobody attitude.

There was a story saying that some sages were given the task of preparing rice and each one had to put only one handful raw rice and after water was put for boiling in the pot, each one thinking the others would put rice had put one handful of mud. Finally when the cooking time got over to their dismay they found only muddy food and there was no rice. This is an apt story for somebody, nobody. Each one thought that the other one would put rice and all of them thought the same and what happened is anybody’s guess.

I have seen many incidents to quote this attitude. People unless they are the affected party never ever bother once to care for things and people.
We are selfish ones to care a hoot for anything around us which requires attention.

From the early childhood we have been trained to save energy, so wherever we go we switch off the lights irrespective of where we are including the electric train we travelled.

But I have seen some who are particular that they save energy in their house, not outside. I have many times personally rang up the estate officer or the security of the school where I worked to switch off the Staff room or the library or the AV room lights whenever I noticed either from my house balcony or when I came back from the evening walk.

While travelling by train I have noticed the co-passengers throwing the banana peel, plastic covers and cups from the moving train when there is the garbage bin below the wash basin, even some educated ones would throw the seeds of grapes, sweet limes in the same place where they sit without bothering that they have to travel for 2 days. Will you call this ignorance or don’t care attitude? I have openly told them to keep the place clean because we have a day more to travel. Some rectify and apologise others carry on with their habit.

Particularly in A/C coaches though everyone is provided blankets and pillows, many do not bother to take care of their ones. As they keep moving from the upper to lower berth, they start using the others. They do not even fold them and keep for future use. Those who have small kids use the white bed sheets for wiping the seats just because it does not belong to them.

In Brindavan and Lalbagh Expresses I have to be careful as these trains are turned into the next one as soon as they arrive at the stations. On some occasions I got the seat where the previous passengers have stuck Chewing gum on the seats / behind the front seats/on the windows. How can the next passenger sit there? It is this Chaltha hai attitude. As always I carry some tissues or news papers with me they come handy and if I see in other places I try to inform the co-passengers.

The train toilets are so scary that I avoid using them in short travel but one cannot do so in long distance travel. In spite of A/C coaches, the toilets are the same every where because non a/c passengers sometimes use them. The Railways have made the mistake of keeping one western type in trains. Sometimes people do not know how to use them and it is a nightmare. Some dirty even the toilets by throwing the sachets/ cigarette buts, gutkha covers etc.

Just to have my travel pleasant I always see the list of co-passengers names and their ages to get an idea how it is going to be. Oh, some of them would beat the wild animals in the forest in their snoring; they would make it so terrible for others to sleep.

Next comes water, many times the care taker switches on the motor but fails to track the water level. People have passed by the place, fail to notice that the water over flowing from the tank but they turn a blind eye and in the present scenario where one buys water is it not their duty to be a responsible citizen? On the contrary when the water supply is scanty or nil they do not hesitate to complain or grumble, inspite of shamelessly their irresponsible ways pointed out.

It so happened that at times there is no water and the taps are on and people lock and leave forgetting to close the taps. When the water supply is released
Water keeps flowing from the tap leaving the occupants dry.

Yesterday when I noticed this I could not sleep instead I rang up the security to find out the location of the water going waste, he failed and I was told by my son to sleep coz the time was 11.30 pm and though I went to bed my heart started thumping due to this water gushing sound and I know sometimes we buy water from the tankers. What will be the situation in the morning when everyone needs water! Finally I decided to go and find out for myself and when I opened the balcony door I found two watch men trying to close the valve and after seeing me said that they have successfully closed it. I could sleep well. This is how this title write up generated.

Come Diwali, the street, complexes and any vacant place, gardens all have litters of crackers strewn all around. The left over wrappers, the empty cartons, match boxes, candles and the empty packets of snacks are thrown at all places. I would prefer the government totally bans the crackers, it is better if we follow the western countries in this regard.

How much of money goes in buying them and the amount of air and noise pollution and litter it generates is awful. Animals and small kids are horrified by the loud noise and poor thing is the sweepers who sweep this garbage face a tough task of collecting them.

When there are so many BPL families do we need to waste money that too hard earned ones to burn into ashes in no time! I do not know when people will wake up from the dreams and be down to earth to realise the reality.

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