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Monday, November 23, 2009

Personal hygiene.

Maintaining personal hygiene is as important as keeping the house clean.
It is mandatory for all to keep one presentable.

Actually this is the role of parents to insist their children to keep up their body clean.
I have observed some children who are fat, never clean their knee gap [ behind the knee, the folding part ] properly may be due to hands not reaching there, or simply ignore. Isn't it the mother's duty to insist ?

Next is digging the nose in public, it is done in a serious manner and it makes others to sulk. The best time is to clean when taking bath coz the nose is wet and cleaning becomes easy.

Cleaning and trimming the nails is very essential as we do use our hands for eating and in all transactions. Those who sell pani puri and bhel puri in trains and roadside- oh, i see their nails and come away from them, not only they have long nails but also dirty untrimmed nails.

To top all the nape of the neck will be so dark with skin circles which clearly shows the scrubbing is not done at all and the person does not apply soap to clean it.It is common with south indian ladies because they wear a lot of chains and they also do not wash properly.

When it comes to boys / males, the trimming of beard or facial hair is a must. The moustache sometimes gives the impression that anytime it would be swallowed along with the food. Some would like to keep the 'stubble', 'goatie' irrespective of whether it suits them or not. Some conveniently say it if for fashion but truly speaking it is due to their laziness.

Body odour causes biggest embarrassment.
Anxiety, low self -esteem, disappointment, frustration, depression make people ignore hygiene and they really 'smell' . 'Smelling good' is equally important as 'looks ' and it boosts one's confidence.
This is clear that overall cleanliness contributes to one's personality.

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  1. Gosh .... I checked everything that has been listed in your post and made sure that all are clean :) I do shave once a week and that is just sunday, in other terms, I dont pose a "karadi" look anytime in my life :)