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Monday, November 23, 2009

Eating one's head while eating!!!!!!!!

It is fun to observe people eating, each one has a different style.

For some it is a quiet affair, without making noise, some it is a noisy affair as if you have a cow grazing beside you with so much noise, some belch so loudly and while some bite the papad and other oily fried items giving you a feeling that they are demolishing a building.

some open their mouth and eat that you can see the munching process going on inside the mouth!

There are very few who are taught the art of eating in public, I remember when we went with our boss in 1989 , we were feeling so bad that we couldnot enjoy eating the papad fearing the noise it might create as the atmosphere was so quietand the colleague were also not familiar . I cooly avoided it!

Next comes eating with the spoon,oh, the racket it creates with the food items sometimes it is so irritating to hear the constant noise.

The sulking one is drinking tea or coffee with the '' உறிஞ்சும் '' niose. It will definitely 'urinjify'' your interest.

The food arrangement they do outside surrounding the plate oops, it is awful! All the unwanted things will be kept around the plate and it is disgusting to remove their plates.
I do not remember anyone teaching us how to eat in public, all we did was to see others and follow, normally we aviod talking when the food is inside our mouth.


  1. The one which puts me off is the "Handwash area". If it is so close to the dining area, I hate when people put a motor inside their system and then gargle or try to clean their mouth", man, that is highly disgusting.

  2. I really liked the comparison, to the motor!