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Thursday, October 1, 2009


'Mannasai' is the yearning to live longer and 'Ponnasai' is the craze for gold- accumulation or wearing gold ornaments.

Every day we keep reading in news paper esp. in Bangalore not a single day goes without chain snatching incident. Those days brides were getting gold ornaments as dowry; this was like a safe deposit and a kind of investment.

There was not much problem faced by one and all ‘coz gold price had not skyrocketed unlike present day. Every body had and there was not much flow of money, greed for quick money, and craze after materialistic goods.
The easy flow of money growing economy has posed a dangerous greed in the minds of people.

The mad rush for possessing luxurious items and display of them has ignited the art of stealing in the minds of youngsters. It is shocking to see well to do kids attempting to snatch chains for the sake of easy pocket money, cell phone.

On the one hand the gold price is soaring high; on the other hand you have a lot of advertisement by the jewellers filling up full pages luring the customers in the name festive season offer! Surprisingly in spite of the high price, ladies rush to the jewellers not knowing the compromise made in the quality. With the exorbitant price, how can it be possible for the makers to write off the making charges?

Simple logic is though they charge for the whole weight of the ornaments, in south they add more copper- the result, heavy and it longs last. I remember in Gujarat, the jewellers refused to take or repair south Indian make jewels- that they are inferior in quality, in north they add silver more and very less copper.

It happened with one of my colleague in Chennai’s one of the best Jewellers in T. Nagar. She purchased some gold ornament and the weighing scales in two different floors showed different weights. Later she complained and it was rectified, how many of those who buy verifies and fights for the justice.

Next is keeping them in safe custody. Not only those who live alone are the easy targets, even those who wear and flaunt are also the prey in the hands of miscreants. There should be logic in wearing the jewels. The government or the media could do little in creating awareness.

On what occasions and what purpose needs to be decided. Many people wear even while coming to the temple, while travelling or at home. Some you can see them as ‘Sarvalangara’ [bedecked] at all times.

This being the present situation, one can easily lay their hands on many artificial ones that are available in the market. No one can make the difference.

Another thing is I have practically seen people who do not have daughters accumulate gold and their gold craze is worth mentioning. Personally I am of the opinion that gold will not or anyway enhance one’s quality or beauty. It is the inner beauty which is more important for a human being. A person is judged by his inner quality than what she is wearing.

The ‘Neeya, Naana’ in Vijay TV had the one who wear and flaunt vs. the others who do not give importance to them. Many felt that it gives them confidence, increases respect in the society, can get things done and could fulfil their long lasting wish.

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