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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


The way I learnt Hindi is self tutoring, After my graduation, I was at home when I was trying for a job .Thanks to MK the then CM , we could not learn Hindi in school. My brother did from Hindi Prachar Sabha. His books and study materials were lying, so out of interest, I decided to give a try. Lo! I found not much difficulty, hence my stint with the Hindi language. I went for flat letters without ‘matharayens’. [in tamizh’’ kaal vaanguvadu ‘’]
With my butler Hindi, when I went to Raipur, I used the book ’Learn Hindi in 30 days’ and I religiously followed it. I would observe my husband’s Hindi and followed to the core. I never had the opportunity of conversing with the maid as I had an orderly given by office. Somehow I learnt and it helped me in Anand.

Thanks to the Hindi movies, I picked up a lot. The funny part is now when my son and daughter correct me, they really pity their tutored days. (by me ofcourse).

Now they are ashamed of my Hindi, they pity themselves for being tutored by me. The truth has to come out and they really keep correcting even now esp. my daughter. I do not feel bad, coz the Tamil language does not have some sounds, for us it is the same letter for diff. sounds.

The secret was I would purchase Hindi Digest for Bal Barathi--] prescribed text books in CBSE,] and read it at my pace and when they come, I would ask them questions and verify the answers from it.

The second thing was both are good in by hearting i.e. learn by rote. This has helped me when I ask them to read; they would start and stop in the last line.

Thirdly , the English version text book of S.S bore similarity to its counterpart Hindi book, they had to write the SS in Hindi language. I always bought the eng. Version read it in advance to teach them in Hindi by explaining in Tamil.

I enjoyed the sayings in Hindi; I constantly tried to find out the equivalent in Tamil, and English.

I was once an entertainer in the staffroom for my 'muhavares 'and proverbs because sometimes I would do melapropism.

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