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Monday, September 21, 2009


How many are proud of saying
Watched the empty sky at night
Studded with stars-farming birds
Animals, flowers?

Dirtied hands with cow dung
Mopped the ground, swept with
Broom, sprinkled water?

Jumped the compound wall
Climbed the trees, played
‘I spy’, plucked flowers?

Lying on your back in the open terrace
Talking to your siblings, counting the dots
In your mother’s sari, [stars- sky]
Trying to fold your father’s dhoti.

Asking riddles, smelling the night
Experiencing the stillness in the air.
With the chirping of the birds
Announcing the birth of
Beautiful dawn?

We’re gifted folks
The new generation misses all
These small minute things.

The multi-storeyed buildings
Ever threat to safety has snatched
The beauty of a village.

These petty ‘ashas’; go to villages
Experience for a day, you will be blessed
With a nectar of Indra Log!

March 22, 1998.

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