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Sunday, September 27, 2009


Austerity is the ‘in’ word now. Thanks to the UPA govt, every where you find heated discussions on this, why should I leave behind?

It is actually a show off, to be too liberal in spending and there is nothing wrong in being simple and humble. Frankly speaking, somehow I do not approve of some famous personalities flaunting their wealth. It may be true that they have got it after a lot of struggle. That doesn’t mean they have to display wealth. I disapprove two things; one is public display of love and second wealth. Both irritate me only inhuman people can do so. They make me embarrassed.

India is a developing country and we as citizen have to make it a happening nation. Unnecessarily people spend lakhs of rupees on their children’s marriage and birthday parties.

Wealthy ones celebrate their on, two year old’s birthdays in a grand manner when the young ones do not even know what is happening. In the name of parties so much money, food is wasted. Imagine many small kids do not even afford to get one square meal a day. The best way for these people is to utilise the money for orphanages, ashrams, among poor.

I remember, at the time of my daughter’s marriage, we four unanimously decided to say ‘no’ to display of vegetable carving. We felt when so many poor people might not even have seen vegetables; it is sheer waste of them as well we can do without that.

Next is piling up so many unwanted things at home when you do not require them, there are many who might require them badly. They may be utensils, wrist watches, clocks, belts, shoes, bags, clothes, furniture, and utility items. When you feel you have not used them for a long time, they have become redundant, best is to dispose them to the one who will use them. We keep piling things in the name of sentiments, which is of no use.

When my children were 3, 4 years old, other kids in the campus would come and tell in the noon that they are celebrating their birthday in the evening. Immediately I had to rush to the nearby shop, get some sketch pen set, pencils or something which is useful. At times, we ran out of things, I ended up giving small cups and plates as gifts. Children like true children did not feel like giving but what can I do if I am told in the last minute?

That time we decided [even otherwise personally I do not like to get any gifts], when it came to our kids, we insisted that friends bring no gifts. [I encouraged personally made greeting cards this encourages creativity]

Initially they were disappointed, ofcourse there is always a solution, so we explained to them that whatever they expect their friends to bring would be gifted to them by us, we encouraged return gifts to all the kids who attended the birthday party.

I baked cake; biscuits, chocolates and namkin were brought to give the children, pencils, foot rulers and erasers were given as return gifts.

Once they reached senior classes, biscuits and chocolates were replaced by idli, dosa and vada chutney, sambhar. This continued till they were in class twelve. Once they came to college, it was upgraded by giving treat, gifts etc.
So , the lesser you display your wealth it is better for you as well others around you.

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