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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Check Your Thyroid: All You Need Is – A Thermometer!

Recently,there have been a lot of people reporting problems with the thyroid gland. Many people have problems with it, and are not even aware. 

Hypothyroidism is a condition in which the body lacks sufficient thyroid hormone. It is estimated that 10 million Americans suffer from hypothyroidism. Because the body is expecting a certain amount of thyroid hormone the pituitary will make additional thyroid stimulating hormones in an attempt to entice the thyroid to produce more hormone. Left untreated, the symptoms will progress. Rarely, complications can result in severe life-threatening depression, heart failure, or coma. But, why risk it when it can be easily diagnosed using only a thermometer.
This test is known as the Barney test. First, you will need to shake a thermometer well to make sure it does not show a temperature higher that 35 degree Celsius or 95 degree Fahrenheit. Leave it on your nightstand or bedside table, and make it a point to put it under your armpit first thing when you wake up. You will want to do this with no clothes on. Hold it for 10 minutes, and write it down.
If the temperature is between 36.5C OR 97.7F and 36.8C or 98.2F, the thyroid gland is working normally.
If the temperature is below 36.5C or 97.7F,the thyroid gland is working slower than normal. The symptoms would include depression, lack of energy, fatigue, infections, and chronic headaches, lack of concentration, memory loss, and hair loss.
If the temperature is higher than 36.8C or 98.2F, then the thyroid is working faster or there could be an infection in the body.
You will want to repeat the process 4 days in a row to ensure accuracy. If your temperature is above or below the limit, then you should think about contacting your doctor.

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