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Sunday, January 24, 2016

“Do you have Bhakthi on me?”.

Once, a Vidyarthi doing Vedha Adhyayanam in a patashala belonging to Sri Matam came to Periyava. Just wonder, what could have been his response to Periyava, when Periyava asked him “Do you have Bhakthi on me?”. Can he say “No!” and still get what he wants???
A Vidyarthi studying in Sri Matam’s Patashala in Thiuvidaimarudhur was asked to leave the Patashala. He came directly to Periyava in Sivaasthanam. It was the year 1971. Periyava asked him “Why were you asked to leave?”.
“I haven’t done anything Periyava! But I was still asked to leave”, Vidyarthi responded. Periyava asked, “Enna panne?” Slowly, Vidyarthi said, “I made idly and ate.”
There were about 50 devotees there. Periyava enquired why should a Vidyarthi make idly? Aren’t they providing idly at all in the Patashala? Periyava also begun a lecture about ‘Idly’… Here HE goes on and on…
How much rice is required?
How much ‘ulundu’ is required?
How long to get it soaked?

He was continuing with so many details as if one could do a PhD in making idly! Imagine the vidyarthi’s state of mind!
Vidyarthi responded back, “Enna vittudungalen? Naa poiduren? (என்ன விட்டுடுங்கோளேன், நா போயிடறேன்)
Periyava paused and said, “Let it go. Now, you go to Nanganallur. Gowrikanthan, an auditor has started a new Patashala but was concerned that there aren’t many Vidyarthi(s) in there…”
Periyava continued… “Don’t do any such thing there!” Vidyarthi was listening. “They themselves will be providing idly.”
Vidyarthi listened to Periyava and went to that Patashala, joined there and continued his adhyayanam.
Usually on a Pradosham day, every Vidyarthi will go to Periyava for reciting Veda but not our Vidyarthi. Suddenly one day he had severe stomachache and diarrhea. Doctor’s medicine didn’t seem to work. His teacher approached Periyava and informed about the state of Vidyarthi. Periyava heard that and put His hand on His stomach and did something. At the same time, our Vidyarthi became alright.
When King Pandiya slapped the worker with ‘Perambu’ everyone felt the pain including the King himself. Same way when Periyava did it to himself, the Vidyarthi became alright… Pandiyan King realized that the worker is no one but Parameshwara Himself! Same way, the Vidyarthi realized that Periyava is indeed Parameshwara and not just a Matadhipathi!
Days passed. One day, this Vidyarthi approached Periyava for His darshan. SriKantan Mama was on duty.
Vidyarthi prayed / forwarded his request to Periyava to bless him with memory power. No response from Periyava… Second time, he requested. No response from Periyava again… Third time, when the same request came, Periyava asked “THE” question…
Periyava asked, “என்னிடத்தில் பக்தி இருக்கா? கேளு அவனை” (“Enidathil Bhakthi irrukka kelu avanai?”)
SriKantan Mama in a bothered voice… “என்னடா நீ … இப்படியெல்லாம் கேக்க வைக்கிற?” (“Ennada nee, ippadiyellam kekka vaikkira?)
By now, Vidyarthi knows, not only that ‘nothing should be hidden from Periyava’ … But he very well knew, ‘nothing can be hidden from Periyava!’ So, his response was the boldest of the boldest!
Vidyarthi replied, “இல்லேன்னு சொல்லுங்கோ!” (“illai-nu sollungo!”) Yes! He just said what we all would hesitate to confess. What can be hidden from that Parameshwara? He said, “பக்தி இல்லேன்னு சொல்லுங்கோ!”
SriKantan Mama did the usual sugar coating between the visitors and Periyava and said, “குழந்தை நல்லா படிச்சு வரணும்னு ஆசிர்வாதம் பண்ணுங்கோ…” (“Kuzhandhai nalla padichu varanum-nu asirvadham pannungo”)
Periyava, being the almighty asked SriKantan Mama “அவன் என்ன சொன்னான்? அதைச் சொல்லு!”. (“Avan enna sonnaan. Adhai sollu!”)
SriKantan Mama conveyed what the Vidyarthi said. Only the heart with ‘nermai’ will get ‘Bhakthi’. Periyava knew that very well, still His drilling questions continued…
So Periyava has asked the next question, “அவனுக்கு என்னிடத்தில் பக்தி இல்லேன்னா எதுக்கு எங்கிட்ட கேக்கிறான்?” (“avanukku ennidaththil bhakthi illenna edhukku engitta kekiraan?”)
Vidyarthi replied, “எல்லோரும் பெரியவா கிட்டக் கேக்கரா நானும் கேக்கறேன்” (“ellorum Periyavakitta kekara naanum kekkaren”).
Periyava blessed the vidyarthi. From then on, vidyarthi has been able to read any books and get them recollected without fail, till today.

Today’s Nectar
“நேர்மையை விலக்கி பக்தியில் மூழ்குபவன் பாபி” (“Nermaiyai vilakki bhakthiyil moozhgubhavan paapi”) Sri Sivan Sar says in the YPM. This Vidyarthi is a Viveki and a bhaktha. “Kannanppan Anbinai Kandapin…” says another Naayanar. True bhakthi will always think other’s bhakthi is greater.
Ram. Ram.

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