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Thursday, October 1, 2015


A devotee came to Periyava. His face made everybody look at him differently. Reason ? Because of a kind of skin disease, his face alone had become terribly black. Poor chap. Is it possible to hide the face ?
“Periyava has to tell me some cure. I feel ashamed to go out. At the same time, i cannot stay inside all the time. I have tried all remedies…”
Is there any disease which the Great Vaidyanathan cannot cure?
Is there any Anjaneyar temple or Anjaneyar Sannidhi near your house ?”
Yes, Periyava, there is an Anjayenar Sannidhi in the Perumal temple Excellent. Daily you need to apply Vennai on Anjaneya, then remove it with your hands, take it home, apply it on your face and let it remain there for a while. Then without applying soap, wipe your face well with a cloth. Will you do this ?”
“Periyava Uttharavu. Will definitely do this”
For a few days at a stretch, he followed instructions. By and by, whenever he used to wipe off the butter from his face with cloth, the blackness from his face started to come off along with the butter. His face soon was shining !
He came happily for Darshan.
“Are you happy now ? Are you cured ? What do you think of the Anjaneya vaidyam ?”, laughed Periyava
“It wasn’t Anjaneya vaidyam, it was Acharyal vaidyam”, said the happy devotee, thankfully.
He was right. Both are the same !

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