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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Srungeri Periyava

Among the devotees who thronged for darshan of Jagadguru Chandrashekhara Bharathi Mahaswamiji, there were rich , poor, those seeking only spiritual realization, so on and so forth.
Lakhman Rao , was retired official of the Mysore state government. After he had retired at the age of 60, he did not celebrate his 60th birthday with pomp & gaiety. He came to Sringeri, offered prayers to Goddess Sharadamba & other deities. He offered fruits and prostrations to HH. He stood before HH with folded hands, when HH enquired, “ Are you not Lakshman Rao?”
“ Yes HH,” he replied, perplexed.
“You were a collector in Chamarajanagar.”
“Yes HH,” he replied.
He was the collector of Hardanahalli, which came under the purview of Chamarajanagar taluk. When HH had travelled from Chamarajanagar to Satymangala, HH had stayed for a day in Hardanahalli. Sri Rao had been in charge of making all the stay arrangements of HH. He had planned very meticulously & he was blessed by HH. He was pleasantly surprised that HH remembered him. HH enquired about his welfare & gave him the phalamantrakshata.
Sri Rao returned to Bangalore. He gave a portion of his money he had received, from his LIC policy to his wife & kept the remaining to himself. He informed his family that we would be going on a tour of religious places & return only after all the money was spent. He told them not to worry about him as he had the blessings of HH. Having completed the tour of South India, he went to Gaya, Kashi, Haridwar & finally came to Srinagar. He carefully counted the money and planned a stay in the boat house. Sri Rao felt the divine presence of Lord and also enjoyed the hospitality of the locals.
Finally Sri Rao reached Banagalore and his family was happy seeing him back safely. After a month he noticed a skin allergy on his legs as caused by ring worms. He tried all possible remedies but the infection only spread. One of the Drs thought this was due to heavy dairy diet in the northern part of India. Sri Rao started feeling disgusted.
He decided only option left now was to surrender to HH. He wrote a detailed letter to HH. HH was out of the contemplative state & was available to public at that time. HH relied Sri Rao of a speedy recovery. HH instructed Sri Rao to perform Ekavara Rudrabhishekam for a period of 48 days & part take in the teertham everyday. HH advised him to wear a bilva leaf used for the worship all the time. HH also advised him to continue with the medicines that were prescribed.
Sri Rao followed HH’s instructions judiciously. The nagging thought of the disease stopped bothering him. Within a month, he observed that hhis infection was receding & in a few days he was completely cured.
When devotees came to HH narrating their ailments, HH would say, “Every ailment has a medicine, or a mantra for it’s cure. In the present times, medicines have become a commodity for business. People who know about the curative powers of mantra are reducing.”
Shall we add- the blessing of Holy men, & the enlightened ones- to that list?

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