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Friday, August 21, 2015

Mahatma means great soul.

We may not be aware of it but every encounter with another being, effects us in some way or the other.
This is why the ancients stressed upon the company we keep. Good, noble and loving people enrich us and some not so good people tend to impoverish us.
With good fortune, it was on Guru Poornima (full moon) at the ashram of Baba Ishwar Singh in Dehradun (India) that my wife Mohini and I met a spiritual man, Kulwinder Singh who drives a taxi in NewYork city (USA) for a living.
Contrary to perception, truly spiritual individuals are genuine, egoless people, often witty, deep in character and exuding peace & joy. Their presence always leads to an awakening, like the petals of the bud blooming into a flower. A spiritual person can impart positive energy to us if we are receptive.
Kulwinder had many experiences to share as a cab driver. People drifted into his life for a few minutes to a couple of hours. After much prodding, he shared several of the experiences he had with various passengers.
Here is one such experience which I have called ‘The bitter woman’.
One day a lady got into Kulwinder's cab. She was nastily quarreling with someone at the other end of her cellular phone. She was in a terrible mood and and snapped an address at Kulwinder . Soon after they started they got caught in a traffic jam. The woman turned her wrath on Kulwinder, unpleasant, and downright abusive , she vented her bitterness and hostility on him also. She blamed Kulwinder for delaying her and getting them stuck in the slow moving road traffic. She then went back to her war against the unfortunate person on the phone. This was repeated several times during the long drive. Kulwinder remained unaffected by the woman's disgraceful behaviour.
About 10 minutes before they reached their destination the woman hung up her phone, brooding for a while before holding her sullen face in her hands, she began to cry.
When they arrived Kulwinder said “ Miss we are here” . The woman just sat unmoving in her seat. Kulwinder reminded her a couple of times that they had arrived at their destination.
She looked up and started crying again and said “ I am sorry, I abused you, I know my behaviour was unacceptable. You may not know it but I am not a bad person, and normally do not behave in this way. However I am very curious as to, why did you not react and say something back?”
Kulwinder replied “ Miss, I do not know what your problem is and why you behaved in the way you did. I cannot change you or your circumstances but I can definitely manage my response. If you permit me I can tell you what I believe in and maybe you will understand why I did not react”
The woman still sniffing requested Kulwinder to say more.

 “ Let me first tell you a story about MahatmaBuddha” Kulwinder said;
One day as he approached a village, Mahatma Buddha met an aggressive man who was in a foul mood. He started abusing Lord Buddha, who merely stood there listening to the man for quite a while as the insolent man went on andon with his acidic tirade. At last, exhausted and emptied of his toxic anger the man sat down.
Mahatma Buddha politely asked " If you have finished , may I proceed on my journey?"
The foul mouthed man looked at the Mahatma in astonishment and said; “ I have been so bitter in my behaviour towards you and abusive in my conduct, yet you just looked at me smilingly. Are you deaf, a coward or mad? “
Mahatma Buddha said “ I have just come from the neighbouring village. As I was departing from that village, a kind man presented me a tray of wonderful sweets. I took the tray, and I shared the sweets with other residents of the village and everyone was happy. Unfortunately my brother, you gave me something which I cannot share with anyone else, therefore I cannot accept what you have showered on me. You must take what you have brought here for me, back with you.”
Kulwinder told the woman “ Had I accepted what you gave me, I would have shared the misery with the next passenger, and whoever I came in contact with for the rest of the day. Imagine the pain and anguish I would have inflicted on my family when I returned home. Forget me for a while , think what will happen to you when you walk around with this toxic anger? How will be your behaviour with your loved ones and your family?”
The woman started sobbing uncontrollably and after a few minutes said “please forgive me and thank you for your words of wisdom”
Kulwinder Singh, replied “ It is God you must thank for his great mercy and kindness and my Guru for his teachings which I imbibe.”
*Guru Poornima is also the auspicious day on which lord Buddha gave His first sermon at Sarnath (Uttar Pradesh, India).
Mahatma means great soul.
Posted: Originally July 2011 - by Gurvinder Singh

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