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Monday, May 4, 2015

The Monkey, Squirrel and the Crow

PeriyavaaL was sitting in his palanquin. One Anbar from Bangalore had sent two baskets of fruits. We unpacked and kept them before Periyavaa.

Some monkeys came and started eating the fruits. At the same time some squirrels also came and started nibbling on the seemai ilantai (estate jujube) fruits. Also, some crows assembled, and were pecking at the sugar in a plate.

Looking at me, PeriyavaaL asked, "You have heard of kurangu, aNil, muttam?"

There is a place named KurangaNiMuttam, six kilometers from Kanchipuram. There a kurangu, anil, muttam (monkey, squirrel, crow) worshipped Paramesvara. A siSya told this news.

"Look! Here kurangu, anil, muttam all the three are eating now; reminding us of the KurangaNiMuttam Ishvara!..."

Behind every occasion and animal, to witness the Bhagavan is PeriyavaaL's specialty.

But then I had a different thought.

Maha PeriyavaaL is sAkSAt Paramesvara's avatara. Therefore, in order to re-enact the incidence of Puranic times, it seemed that the kurangu, anil, muttam animals were acting out their part before our eyes.
To comply with the explanation 'purANam pura abhinava' and to inform that the Purana incident was not just eulogy, this new incident happened before our very eyes!

Endowed with fortune, were we; no, no, only those kurangu, anil, muttams!

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