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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Gurunathar Who Adores Pandits

The Gurunathar Who Adores Pandits
author:..... M.R. Balasubramanian, Tricny
compiler:... T.S. Kothandarama Sarma
book:......... Maha PeriyavaL - Darisana AnubhavangaL vol. 2, pages 77-81
publisher:.. Vanathi Padhippaham (May 2005 Edition)

My maternal grandfather Sreemaan Krishna SastrigaL was a great Sanskrit Pandit. He was working as a teacher in the Municipal High School, Mayuram during the years 1940-1950. With great pAndityam (expertise) in Sanskrit, he was teaching Bhasyam, Yoga Vashistam, and Jnana Vashistam.

Hearing about this man's pAndityam and rare jnAnam, I heard that Maha PeriyavaaL invited him to Kanchi MaTham. But then SastrigaL hesitated, since he found MaThAdhipati[/i]s to be raja sanyAsis with kirITam, siMhAsanam and titles meant for the kings, instead of being pUrNa sanyAsis. Even then Kanchi PeriyavaaL was keen to honour Sri Krishna SastrigaL.

During the Tamil Kara year, PeriyavaaL was camping in Mayuram. One early morning during that time, Krishna SastrigaL was teaching his students in his gRuham (house) in the ParimaLa Ranganathar Koil Tirumanjana Street. With no one expecting it to happen, Maha PeriyavaaL personally visited SastrigaL's gRuham and sat on the thiNNai (raised portico), listening patiently until the teaching was over.

When he came to know about the arrival of Maha PeriyavaaL, SastrigaL hurried to the entrance of his house and honoured PeriyavargaL.

PeriyavaaL then honoured SastrigaL with a silver plate, woolen shawl, sari, dhoti, money and prasAdam and asked him to accept them as sanmAna for his saMskRuta pAndityam.

My mother, MaathuSri Parvathi Ammal, who is the daughter of Krishna SastrigaL informs that this was a rare, wonderful and unforgettable incident (in their life).

Some days before Maha PeriyavaaL attained Siddhi, when I had darshan of him in Kanchipuram and told him that I was 'Mayuram Sri Krishna SastrigaL's grandson', he understood my words well and blessed me. It gave me spiritual quivers.

We all should ponder today what a broad mind Periyavaa had, to seek out Sanskrit Pandits and appreciate them with honours.

*** *** ***

Around the year 1945, once when Maha PeriyavaaL was camping in Mayuram, he was performing the puja in the place Anaithandavapuram nearby. After the puja was over, he asked for the elephant to be brought to the puja spot, in order to give prasAdam to the elephant.

Since the puja spot was a small room with an arikaal padi (entrance made of corn husks), not knowing how to bring the large-sized elephant through the entrance, the people stood perplexed.

When he heard the reason for not bringing the elephant, PeriyavaaL called the mahout and asked him again to send the elephant for the puja. The mahout went to the elephant and spoke to it in its own language saying that PeriyavaaL was calling it for the puja, and released it from its shackles. The elephant at once walked to the entrance, narrowed its large frame, twisting and bending it to pass through the entrance, entered the puja room, stood calmly till the puja was over and then came out in the same way.

Everyone was stunned with ecstasy, watching the elephant obey PeriyavaaL's words and conduct itself accordingly.

*** *** ***

Once when Maha PeriyavaaL was camping in Mayuram, the elephant that was in the SriMaTham family went berserk and started wandering in the nearby Aruvaapadi and Kaduvankudi villages, trumpeting loudly. The news of the elephant running amuck, getting out of its mahout's control was informed to Maha PeriyavaaL.

He immediately ordered that the palanquin he traveled be carried empty some distance along the path the elephant went, uttering the words "Rama Ramaiyah" loudly, and sounding the musical instruments ekkaaLam, tirucchinnam and such others, and then return to the camp.

The elephant sighted the palanquin leaving with its accompaniments, forgot its amok and anger, realized that it had done a mistake to its boss, and came back quietly with the entourage. The palanquin guided the elephant through another path and returned to the camp. PeriyavaaL then patted the elephant, fed it and returned it to the charge of its mahout.

*** *** ***

A Boat Club was conducting ferries in the Kaveri river in Mayuram in those days. Maha PeriyavaaL when he ascended the throne (as pointiff) was staying in Mayuram for a long time. I remember my father telling me that PeriyavaaL used to ride on those boats, accompanied by boys of his age, in those days.

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