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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Periva cared for me

Author: Prof S.Kalyanaraman, Neurosurgeon , Chennai

Once we went for darshanam to Kancheepuram. There was need for a new elephant at Sri Ekambareswarar Temple. One of the senior officials of the Mutt asked me whether I could buy and donate an elephant to the temple. I replied that I was not in a position to do so because of my financial position and commitment at that time. That person then probably thought that if Maha Periyaval had asked me to buy an elephant and donate it I would certainly oblige. As I was having darsanam, he told Maha Periyaval, “Dr.Kalyanaraman wants to donate an elephant to Sri Ekambareswarar temple, Periyaval should bless him. Maha Periyaval did not reply to him and continued to talk to devotees and give them darsanam. Again the official repeated his statement to Maha Periyaval in a louder voice. There was no response. Then he stopped repeating the request. I had a feeling that Maha Periyaval knew my mind and financial position and did not reply to the official as He did not want me to place in an embarrassing position.

Once one of my patient’s mother came to Maha Periyaval to seek His blessings for her daughter’s operation. This was recounted by her to me later; I give below the summary of the conversation.

Mother: My daughter is to have an operation in two days. Please bless her so that the operation will be successful.

His Holiness: Do not worry. She will be all right.

Mother: She has to undergo a brain operation. They tell me it is very risky…

His Holiness: Do not worry. She will get better.

Mother: Dr. Kalyanaraman is going to operate on her. Will the Operation be successful?

His Holiness: Do not worry. Your daughter will get cured.

Mother: Can Periyaval please send a message to Dr. Kalyanaraman about my daughter?

His Holiness: Do not worry. Always just before each operation that he performs, Dr. Kalyanaraman prays to me. My blessing is there for your daughter.

The mother came to my clinic straight from Kancheepuram without even going to her house. She said “Maha Periyaval told me that you pray to him before every operation. Is that true?

I replied yes. "It is quite true. Whenever I wash my hands to perform an operation, I take off my operation theatre chappals. As I wash my hands I pray to Maha Periyaval that the patient should get cured. Sometimes my assistants ask me why I remove my chappals while washing my hands for surgery. I have never told them why. They imagine it is to prevent the chappals getting stained with soap and water. I have never even once told my wife or parents or children about this. May be Maha Periyaval wanted to convey to me that my prayers are reaching Him and He chose you as His messenger."

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