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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

MOMENTS OF LIFETIME Experience of Dr. Tulaev

MOMENTS OF LIFETIME Experience of Dr. Tulaev with His Holiness..such a beautiful explanation.. Dr. Tulaev: Sir, I am very much thankful to Your Holiness for having kindly given me the audience. I will not take much of Your Holiness time. I shall ask you only two questions. Sir could you kindly oblige me? The first is this: A man has no belief in religion He does not adopt any rituals, never goes to the temple or church, does not need any dogmas. But he always thinks good and does good throughout his life. Could you kindly tell me, Sir, whether such a man has any salvation at the end of his life? 

His Holiness closed his eyes and was in meditation for a few seconds. The whole surrounding was absolutely calm, divinely calm. After the divinely pause, His Holiness replies `Yes'. 

At this answer, Dr. Tulaev was overwhelmed with joy, a joy that he never experienced in life and for which his heart was longing all these years. He looked as if he has attained the unattainable. He whispered, `I thank you Sir, I thank you Sir, I thank you. I am satisfied' 

His Holiness : (enlarging His answer) Do not think that I am giving you this answer after seeing the modern standards of life. No. This is said in our ancient scripture themselves. There are many aspirants. The Agnostics, those who enquire into the concept of God and by using their own brain, come to the conclusion that there is no God. Secondly there are the Buddhists, especially the Sunyavadins, who believe in non-existence. Thirdly the Jains, who believe in suffering by putting their body to various austerities, vratas. Fourthly, Saivaites, Aishnavites and others who believe in a personal God and spend their life in devotion; and lastly; the Advaitins who believe that the entire world, the cosmic reality is the apparent manifestation of one and the same ultimate Reality. All these aspirants get near the truth. the difference between them lies in their proximity to God. Step by step these five aspirants are neared the Reality. If one enquired into the nature of God by using his own mind, whatever be the conclusion arrived at, even if it is a total rejection of Godhood, such an aspirant is far higher than the idler who never worries about the search after truth. This not my saying but is said in our scriptures.

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