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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

It Rained

Some decades ago, Maha Periva was camping with his disciples on the banks of Hagari river (near Bellary) for observance of "Chatarmasa Vratam".

The farmers of Bellary district were reeling under severe drought condition. No water to drink and no water to sow seeds. (Bellary district is always a dry area in Karnataka area to scanty rainfall). All the farmers approached Swamiji and entreated with him to come out of their water problem. Swamiji, being moved with their pitiable condition, told them to do "VARUNA JAPAM" (invoking the Blessings of rain gods for pouring rains).

They told him that they have already performed "VARUNA JAPAM" continuously for 24hrs, previously but of no avail, and said "Swamiji if you bless us now, we will do it again. "Swamiji told them that his Blessings are always there on those who undertake such noble acts for world peace, and also asked them to start "VARUNA JAPAM" immediately and also chant the panchakshari (five syllabled mantra) "OM NAMA SIVAYA" continuously for 24hrs. 

This they did. 

Wonder of wonders !! It rained in cats & dogs. The farmers were immensely pleased and began to dance praising Swamiji's greatness (MAHIMA).

They uttered loudly "Bolo Swamiji Ki Jai, HARA HARA MAHADEVA" which thrilled everybody and the vibrations of this Jay Jayakar attracted the whole village and the news of the miracle (Pouring rains) of Swamiji's greatness spread like wild fire throughout Bellary District. People started coming in large numbers from all parts of Karnataka to have Swamiji's darshan and pay obeisance to him. 

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