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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Be Amazed with Mayonnaise

1. Remove adhesives
The natural emulsifiers in mayonnaise help soften sticky surfaces. You can remove the sticky residue left by glue, stickers and even remove gum. Cover the surface with mayonnaise and let it sit for five minutes. You should be able to peel off stickers or wipe glue away with a soft cloth. You can also use it to remove bird poop or tree sap that falls on your car, however because this is likely to be grimier it might take a few tries before it comes off completely.
2. Furniture polish and water stains remover
If your patio furniture is looking worse for the wear or your wooden furniture is covered with water rings, mayonnaise can help. For water rings, let the mayonnaise sit for 10 minutes and then buff the stain. It’s a wise idea to try this on a small area first before you apply the mayonnaise everywhere.
For whole pieces of furniture, you can use a soft cloth to rub mayonnaise into the stained areas. The active ingredient in most furniture polishes is oil and similarly mayonnaise can replenish the moisture of wooden furniture’s finish. The oil and vinegar offer shine and protect the finish too.
3. Remove stuck rings
Mayonnaise can also help you remove a stuck ring from a finger if your ring is just not coming off. The oily texture of mayonnaise acts as a lubricant. Rub mayonnaise underneath and around the ring and twist. The ring should slide off. Stop if you feel numbness or excruciating pain.
4. Lice killer
Anyone can get lice, no matter how clean you are. There are lots of special shampoos for the condition but did you know you could just use mayonnaise? It’s a cheaper alternative lice fighter and has the added benefit of being non-toxic. Using room temperature mayonnaise, liberally apply the condiment all over your dry hair. Cover your head with a shower cap or wrap it in plastic wrap. Go to sleep with this mixture in your hair and the next morning you can wash it out. Afterwards use a fine comb to comb out any dead eggs or lice.
5. Conditioner for shiny hair
Mayonnaise can make your hair soft and smooth looking. Mayonnaise also contains nutritious ingredients: the egg yolk will encourage hair growth, the oil will condition and the vinegar will exfoliate the scalp.
After shampooing and towel drying your hair, comb in a tablespoon of room temperature mayonnaise. Start at the top of your head, and work it down to the tips. Coat each strand and leave it in for an hour. Wash your hair again with baby shampoo, or a small amount of regular shampoo. This will remove the greasy kitchen scent from your scalp. You can now dry your hair. The end result should be luscious locks.
6. Exfoliator
Mayonnaise has fantastic emollient qualities. Not only can it soften your hair, but it works wonders on your skin too. Apply a blob of mayonnaise to problematic skin areas such as your elbows or knees. Leave in the condiment for 15 minutes and wipe away with a washcloth or damp towel. Afterwards use a regular moisturizer to lock in the freshness.
You can also remove dead skin cells on your face, using mayonnaise as a facial mask. Spread mayonnaise over your face and leave it in for 20 minutes. You can wipe off and wash your face with water.
7. Glossy houseplants
If your houseplants are looking a little dull why not use this old florist trick. Take a paper towel and rub a little bit of mayonnaise on the leaves. This will leave not only leave your plants looking vibrant and glossy, but this trick also prevents dust from sticking to the leaves.

8. Sunburn relief
If you find that you’ve overdone it with the sun and underused your sunscreen, mayonnaise is a great relief for sunburn. The soothing ingredients will cool the skin and soothe the burn. Ingredients like oil and vinegar help hydrate the skin and prevent it from peeling.
9. Strengthen fingernails
If your nails are often chipping or breaking, or you feel like giving yourself a home manicure, mayonnaise is your go to all-in-one ingredient. Rest your nails in a bowl of mayonnaise. Make sure to also dip your fingertip including your cuticles. Let your finger soak for at least 5 minutes. Rinse afterwards with warm water. This solution strengthens your nails, improves the condition of your cuticles, and can heal and prevent hangnails.

10. Fix wood cracks
It seems mayonnaise has endless uses. This last tip is great for aging furniture. If you find that your wooden furniture has small cracks, you can fill in the cracks with mayonnaise. Smooth the top over so that no extra mayonnaise remains. Leave it in for several days. The mayonnaise will release oils and proteins which will cause the wood to swell and in turn shrink the cracks.

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