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Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Here is an English translation of this article for the benefit of those who do not know Tamil:--

My Guru Sri Ramasubramanyam is deeply devoted to Sri RamaPiran. From his school going days uptill now (he is 92 now), he never goes to sleep without completing writing down "SRIRAMAJAYAM" 1008 TIMES daily!

There was a student who used to undergo tution. He noticed that he was always looking sad and depressed and so asked him the reason for the same. The student replied that his elder sister hasn't been married yet though they have been trying for a long time as well as performing 'Pariharams' and appealing to all the deities.

My Guru told him that he will take him to MahaPeriava in Kanchipuram to seek His blessings and assured him that he will certainly get a solution to the problem.

Before leaving he took with him the note books which contained two lakh 'Nama's of Sri Raman, written by him.

They both reached SriMatam, Kanchi. When they reached there, Periava was offering blessings to the devotees. They had prepared already, many questions which they wanted to ask Periava.

When they were called, he put down the note books in front of Periava.

Paramacharya asked, "What are these?"

When He was told that they contained two lakh Ramanama's, a big smile appeared on His face.

He took two garlands and placed them on top of those note books. Then He gave orange fruit and garland to both of them and blessed.

They were both overwhelmed with happiness on getting this big boon from Him.

After coming out the student reminded his teacher, "Oh! we have come back without asking Him anything?"

My Guru replied, "Periava knows what we came here for and our appeals. Do not worry; everything will go well"

To their surprise, the student's sister's marriage was fixed in the next week itself and was conducted well.

The newly married couple went to SriMatam had His Darsan and obtained His blessings! They started their new life, and are living happily now with their children

Limitless is the 'Karunyam' of Periava, who understands the devotees' problems without being told and gives them solutions!

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