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Saturday, March 7, 2015

“I am a sanyasi and I don’t eat fruits”

Once there was a huge crowd to have the darshan of Mahaperiyava. Suddenly there was some fuss in the crowd and there entered a Big Shot along with his assistants. His assistants were carrying the offerings bustling with noise asking everyone there to pave the way for the Big Shot and his spouse. Someone from the Mutt Assistant introduced the Big Shot to Mahaperiyava. The Big Shot offered his obeisance and placed the fruits he had brought in front of Mahaperiyava.

Mahaperiyava asked, “What these are?”

“My offering to Periyava” replied the big shot.

Periyava smiled and replied “I am a sanyasi and I don’t eat fruits”

Bigshot was now perplexed.

Mahaperiyava called one of his attendant and asked him to distribute the fruits outside.

Manypeople were standing in the queue carrying fruits in their hands. Everybody started thinking that Periyava is not going to accept the fruits which they have brought as an offering to Mahaperiyava. One such person carrying some fruits in his hands was standing along with his wife thought that Periyava is going to reject his offerings also and was slightly worried.

When his turn came he placed the fruits in the tray before periyava and paid his obeisance with sincere devotion.

Mahaperiyava smiled at him and asked his attendant to take it inside the Mutt and said “the big shot person who came now would have brought the fruits which has been already been given to him by those who want their work to get done through this person and hence I rejected the fruits” having blessed the person.

No need to tell that the person was in tears.

Mahaperiyava never let down any body who have approached him with pure love.

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