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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Helpful Uses for Your Hair Conditioner

Some of us use conditioner only twice or three times each week, so what do we really need it for?

Here are some unconventional uses for the common hair product that could take care of many of your household needs!
1. DIY dry cleaning for silk clothing

Add about a tablespoon of conditioner to a sink filled with room temperature water and place the piece of clothing in it. Keep the garments submerged for a few minutes, rinse and hang dry.
2. Wash lingerie and other delicates

Hand wash your fancy underwear with just a bit of conditioner in room temperature water. Wring out the water and air dry.
3. Protect leather shoes from snow and salt

This is the time of year when you put your favorite leather boots on the line to go out in the freezing cold snow. Dry your boots completely before applying a small amount of conditioner. Work it into the leather well with an old rag.
4. Remove eye makeup

Ever need to get rid of your make-up, but are in lack of the proper tools? Use a cotton ball, a swab or a wad of toilet paper with a dollop of conditioner to get rid of your makeup.
5. Soften makeup and paint brushes

To keep your bristles flexible and not so stabby, apply a bit of conditioner when they are a bit wet.
6. Use it as a cuticle cream

Your favorite conditioner can also be used as an effective cuticle cream during the winter months when your hands need it most. Smear some over your cuticles to soften them before pushing them back.
7. Tame static-y hair

If you experience static from heaters or other dry sources of air, rub some conditioner between your palms and smooth over your hair. Don't use too much, however, or your hair could become greasy.
8. Smooth out frizz

If you still experience frizzing in your hair, especially if you live in a humid place, apply just a bit of conditioner to fight off fly-aways.
9. Detangle

One of the more traditional uses for conditioner, add the conditioner to water and put it in a spray bottle (about 1:9 conditioner to water). Shake well until mixed and spritz over the hair. Then, use a comb to gently get rid of the tangles from the roots down.
10. Use it as a fabric freshener

If you are about to do a load of laundry, but realize you have run out of fabric softener, add it to your laundry instead for a similar effect. The conditioner will make the laundry smooth and keep it smelling great! (Make sure that you use a conditioner that is not color-based so it doesn't run).
11. Attempt to rescue shrunken sweaters

When you've accidently dried your favorite sweater on high heat, it seems that there's no going back. However, if you mix about a tablespoon of conditioner into a bucket of water, and then let the sweater submerge inside the bucket, you may be able to stretch it back to its original size (no guarantees).
12. Prevent rusting

If you want to prevent metals from rusting, apply a thin layer of conditioner to the items to keep them ruse and Tetanus free. This trick can also be used on only appliances faucets as well.
13. Unclog the drain

No need to go out and buy that expensive drain cleaner, because conditioner works just as well! Just pour a bit down a clogged drain, run hot water over it, and hopefully this will dislodge the blockage.
14. Make your bath moisturizing

If you want to moisturize while sitting in the tub, rub about a quarter-sized amount on your hands under the bathwater. This will keep the skin smooth just bath oil against harsh winter dryness.
15. Shine your stainless steel

If you have stainless steel appliances at home, conditioner is a great way to keep them shiny. Apply a small amount on the surface of the appliance and buff it in with an old rag until it shines.
16. Remove stuck rings

How embarrassing is it when a ring gets stuck? Instead of pushing and pulling, try applying some conditioner to the base of your finger and as close to the ring as possible. Then, gently shimmy the ring off your finger.
17. Silence squeaks

When a door hinge in your house is squeaking, apply a good amount of conditioner to the area and rub it in well.
18. Use it as a shaving cream
You may have heard this before, but using conditioner as a shaving cream is actually better for your skin than the average shaving cream! This is because un most shaving creams that tend to be made up for a lot of chemicals, conditioner moisturizes your skin while you shave. This will leave your skin feeling silky smooth and just new!
Conditioner is one thing no house should be without!

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