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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Heal Your Eyesight with the Power of Palming

“Palming is definitely one of the most important exercises you can do to improve your vision. Actually, palming isn’t really an exercise, it’s more of a non-exercise! I’ll explain… Palming was re-discovered by William H. Bates, M.D. in the early 1900’s. Before this, the ancient Indian Yogis and Chinese Taoist practiced eye palming techniques for thousands of years. They “palmed” their eyes as a form of meditation or inner visualization and relaxation.

Very basically, Palming is simply the act of gently 'cupping' both palms over the eyes, blocking out as much light as possible.

Palming is one of the most important methods for relaxing eye muscles and eye nerves. When the eye muscles get stressed or strained, lazy, and bent out of shape, so does the eye. This also affects the lenses in your eye, and your vision. Any body builder, professional athlete, coach or physical therapist will tell you, that one of the most important aspects of muscle conditioning, is relaxation. When the muscles relax, they begin to function as they are supposed to, at peak performance.

But what does this mean to you? Simple… more relaxed eyes = better vision!

The Masters say that ‘too much outward gazing at all the ‘exciting’ and fast-moving things in the world, upsets the inner balance of our ‘spiritual third eye’. The physical eyes and brain become clouded, confused and agitated, like a muddy stream. Palming calms the mind, emotions, spirit and body. This allows the inner and outer eyes take on the qualities of a clear, tranquil and peaceful pool of water. When your mind and emotions are tranquil, your eyes can focus on the outer world with clarity and insight.’

In addition to this calming effect, many believe that during palming, healing energy passes through the palms of your hands into your eyes. If you’re a sensitive person, and you relax and concentrate a little, you’ll actually be able to feel this happening, and you can even magnify the effect by using your intent or imagination. You’ll find you can ‘pull’ energy from your hands with your eyes, or you can intentionally send healing energy from your hands into your eyes. Sometimes, this energy feels warm and soothing, sometimes it feels a little cool and prickly, sometimes it feels expansive and magnetic!


Tips and Techniques to improve your Palming Effectiveness: Rub your hands together. Before you start your palming, rub your hands together for 10-20 seconds very vigorously. This is a technique used by energy healer bring healing energy into the hands, which you can then pass into the eyes. If you don’t believe in ‘healing energy, then just see it as getting some heat into the hands, which feels nice on the eyes and helps them relax more. You can make this even more effective, by using your intention and imagination to send healing energy to your hands when you rub them together.

Get into the habit of palming many times during the day, whenever you have a few spare moments.

Unlike some of the eye exercises you aren’t going to overdo it. You can palm for hours each day if you really want, it won’t harm your eyes, it will only help them.”

- Perfect Eyes (Dave Brinkley)

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