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Saturday, February 21, 2015

- Today Nectar

Today Nectar 
(1) Periyava! A little girl only 4 years old hit by a highway vehicle coming at a great speed. Smashed like a potato. They were on their way to seek blessings of Periyava at Kanchi!
It is 1972, to be precise. Sri CN Kuppuswamy was on his way to Kanchi along with his family for seeking the blessings for the Sadabishekam of his Father-in-law (FIL)& Mother-in-Law. Near Walajabad, his FIL wanted to relax so Sri CNK escorted him to the other side of the road. That is when his 2nd daughter quietly sneaked out of the car and like a bow from the arrow darted towards Sri CNK and...and...she got crushed under the wheels & here laying down like a smashed potato...sustained skull injury and her head was drenched in blood. Her pelvis cracked, left leg fractured, left jawbone gave way and was dangling down. Her left eye ball got stuck up leaving a red blood streak. There are multiple internal injuries too.

wife who was in the advanced stage of pregnancy saw the accident and she swooned, portending deleterious impact on her health. The child was immediately. rushed to the Govt. Hospital at Kanchipuram...
(2) At the Govt. Hospital at Kanchipuram, a team of doctors who attended on her emphatically declared that her life was ebbing away. With no hpe there, the child was then brought back to Madras, without Mahaperiyaval's darshan and admitted in the General Hospital, which was best in the city at that time.
Even here the specialist, Neuro surgeons unanimously said that the child would not survive. It was a measureless shock to the family, at the drastic medical verdict on her condition. Who, on earth can bear it? But nothing to hope. So, when everything fails there is ONE thing remains: Periyava!
Immediately Mrs. CNK dispatched her brother to Kanchi to convey the news of the accident to Periyava. Her intense faith in his blessings and grace remained un-wavered and unshaken even at those most testing times.
At Periyava's sannidhi, her brother did the namaskarams & told everything. Periyava heard all that...

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