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Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Spiritual Sun

The Spiritual Sun
author:...... E.R.Paramasivam, Mettukkadai (via UttukkuLi)
compiler:... T.S. Kothandarama Sarma

For about thirty-five years on the day of the fullmoon in the month of Aani, I was came over to SriMaTham and got Maha Periyavar's blessings. I was born in an agricultural family and studied up to P.U.C. I was interested to know about AnmIkam (spirituality) and read books related to it. I would also attend spiritual discources.

I was involved in a litigation in the year 1985. My opponents had filed a complicated and fabricated lawsuit on me. Under the fear that my side might lose the case, I fell down at the feet of Maha SwamigaL in SriMaTham shASTAnga (with eight limbs) at morning five o' clock one day. When the look of grace and simplicity of that Deivam fell on me, I just prayed for his anugraha to come up in life (without remembering the court case). Taking a garland of jasmine flowers from a basket, and wheeling it around his head, he placed the garland on the cane plate, lifted his right hand and blessed me. The man who was beside Maha Periyavar asked me, "What do you have to ask him?" I said, "The court case should be settled in my favour." Meantime as the people next to me started prostrating, I moved away.

After a few minutes, when Periyavar came walking to the place we were sitting, I fell at his feet again. As he raised his hand with the daNDam (staff), his assistant said, "UttukkuLik-kArarE! (man from UttukkuLi) It would be victory for you in the lawsuit held in the court."

I got the victory in the court case due to Maha Periyavar's anugraham. At an estimate of five lakhs fupees, two acres of bhUmi (land) came under my svAdinam (enjoyment). It gave me peace and progress in life.

Another important incident. Maha Periyavar passed away in the month of Margazhi. Those thirty days I would get up early at four in the morning and do puja to the Gods. A vision one morning at that hour of dawn. In the Chennai-KaLLikkottai main road N.H.47, near PerunthuRai, in a place called Vijayamangalam, a large truck having 24 wheels was coming eastward with Maha Periyavar sitting on it facing north; the truck was decorated in an unprecedented manner anywhere with jasmine, Indian birthwort (mullai) and rose flowers and jurio silk clothing (silk embellished with gold and silver threads) and appeared as if it was a vimAna (aircraft) from Devaloka.

When the people assembled there said, "Periyavar is coming", I tied my shoulder towel around my waist and worshipped him raising both my hands above my head, and at that precise time Maha Periyavar who was a spiritual splendour blessed me in the same way that he blessed me at SriMaTham. Someone saying, "Maha Periyavar is passing (pOikkoNdu irukkirAr) in santoSam (happiness)", I was awakened!

I was overwhelmed with the desire to meet Periyavar in person and get his blessings.

That incident happened on a Wednesday, and it was Thursday as it dawned. That spiritual sun reached God's feet at 2:15 hours in the afternoon on Saturday. He was placed in samAdhi at SriMaTham on Sunday.

That spiritual sun, that deiva bimbam (divine image) who was born in anusha nakSatra became the key of spirituality for me.

It should be considered my bhAgyam that he intimated his condition to me on the Wednesday night of 05-01-1994 around four o' clock by the morning of Thursday.

Maha Periyavaa passed away on Saturday, 08-01-1994. From the next day, that is Sunday, 09-01-1994, the Brindavana Deivam had obtained a never ceasing place in my heart.

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