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Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Sadhu and the money pot

After visiting Dhaka, Guru Nanakji and Bhai Mardana travelled through forests and fields, spreading the message of Ik Omkar’s love for all to everyone they met. The sun was beginning to set as they entered the coastal town of Puri. A gentle breeze was blowing as they walked toward the beach.
Bhai Mardana gasped with amazement on seeing the sandy shores. “Guruji, the sand is so beautiful. Please, can we spend the night on the beach?”
“As you wish, Mardana,” replied Guruji, smiling.
Bhai Mardana was thrilled. Soon, stars began to appear in the night sky and the only sound that could be heard was the gentle rise and fall of the waves. The light of the sparkling stars shone upon the water. While Guruji was quietly enjoying this beauty, Bhai Mardana began to get involved in what was happening a few feet away from them.
A sadhu had just laid out his mat neatly on the sand. He then sat down in lotus position, placed a pot in front of him and turned his face upwards. His head seemed to be touching his back. “Guruji, why is the sadhu looking at the sky?”
“Wait and see what happens,” replied Guruji, as he lay down to sleep.  Bhai Mardana could not sleep. He kept watching the sadhu. As the night progressed, people began to arrive. They bowed before the sadhu, put money in his pot and sat down in front of him.
Bhai Mardana grew curious. As soon as Guruji woke up, he said, “Guruji, something very strange is going on. Look how many people have gathered around the sadhu. He has not opened his eyes all night. What do you think is happening?”
Guruji smiled and said, “Mardana, why don’t you go and ask someone?” Bhai Mardana quickly walked over, gently tapped a man’s shoulder and asked him to explain what was going on. The man replied in a hushed voice, “The brahmin is a very great master. Every morning at sunrise, he opens his eyes and tells us what is happening in the heavens.”
“Really? Does he also tell you how to get close to god?” asked Bhai Mardana. “No, no. He tells us what the gods and goddesses are doing. He also tells us how our day will be. I come here every morning to listen to him,” replied the man reverentially.
Bhai Mardana was puzzled. He went back to Guruji and recounted everything. Guruji walked over to where the sadhu was sitting, gently picked up the money pot and put it behind the sadhu’s back and then sat down among the people.
As the sun rose, the brahmin slowly opened his eyes, straightened his neck, and looked at the people around him. “Blessings upon all of you who are here,” he said. “I am happy to tell you that there is a great celebration going on in the heavens. God Vishnu is having a wonderful conversation with god Indra. Beautiful hymns are being sung in the heavens. It is going to be a very good day for all of you. May the gods fill your homes with wealth and happiness.”
“Brahminji, are you sure that is what is happening in the heavens?” asked Guruji gently. The brahmin was shocked. No one had ever dared to question him. “I have told you what is happening in the heavens. But a child like you cannot be expected to know the mysteries of the heavens, let alone what is happening there. I have achieved great powers after many years of intense yogic practices. I can see what is happening in all the three regions. I can see below this earth, on the earth and also in the heavens,” boasted the brahmin. “Then,” said Guruji, “you will most definitely be able to see where your money pot is.” The brahmin looked around but could not see his money pot. He became angry and shouted, “return my pot immediately, before I curse you.”
“Brahminji, why don’t you use your power of yoga to find your money pot?” asked Guruji.
The brahmin went red in the face. Some people started giggling, which made him even more furious. “People who make fun of a brahmin will be ruined forever,” he said. Hearing his angry words, the people got scared and became silent.
Guruji spoke: “Some people try to mislead the world by shutting their eyes and holding their nostrils closed. They close their nostrils with their fingers, and claim to see the three worlds, but cannot even see what is behind them. What a strange lotus pose this is!”
“Brahminji,” continued Guruji, “How can you claim to see what is happening in the heavens when you could not see the money pot sitting behind you? Now tell me, are you really looking into the heavens, or are you fooling the people?”
The brahmin quickly got up, grabbed his money pot and left. The people were very impressed with Guruji’s simple logic. Some of them even invited him to come and stay with them, but Guruji replied, “I’m happy to stay where I am.”

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