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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Who said mahaperiyava is not there now?

Want to share this which happened today.

My daughter in law was admitted in the hospital around  for her first delivery at Hyderabad. Around the Dr who checked said she had to under go C section since the head of the baby is at the back. My son in the meanwhile had already in Bangalore airport waiting to catch the 12.30 flight. Papers were already signed and Dr said there is a surgery going on after that around 12.30 my daughter in law will be taken in. With communication by minute we are tensed with running commentary. At I WhatsApp my son who was in taxi at Hyderabad going to hospital to pray mahaperiyava. After about 20/ 25 min I got a call from my sambandhi who was in the hospital said the chief Dr has told to wait till . Again after a couple of mins sambandhi calling again to tell me he kept a photo of mahaperiyava and this he gave to my daughter in law asked her to keep glancing the photo.! This was much before my son reached the hospital around 2.30! This can't be coincidence. Within half an hour of me asking my son pray mahaperiyava, mahaperiyava already reached hospital bed. Another thing is my sambandhi said his mother when she underwent person in Chennai years back the Dr asked her to sewer mahaperiyava photo in the hospital. From that time my sambandhi kept a photo of mahaperiyava and he carried to the hospital now. Finally the baby is born by normal delivery at 4.25 pm today, both baby and mother healthy. Who said mahaperiyava left this world. In order to escape from tension from I was watching Sivan Sir aradhana 2013. Mahaperiyava is definitely Thayum anavar. From c section to normal delivery with baby weighing 3 kg both healthy is mahaperiyava karunai.

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