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Monday, January 26, 2015

Health Tips part 38

Baby lotions are one of the best for soft and smooth skin that is not sticky or greasy. Moreover, they guard against irritation and dryness.
Have one teaspoon of amla powder twice a day to help keep acidity way.
Heal mouth sores with honey .
Adding  just a tiny pinch of salt to your coffee will improve the taste and counter the bitterness.
Chew some jeera to relieve acidity or boil it in water and drink the cooled  water .
Methi is proved to be the best remedy for diabetes and upset stomach.   
Ajvain  is for delicate stomachs and upset stomach.
Black cumin is stronger than plain cumin for stomach upset.
Mix a little baby oil and sugar together and rub your hands and feet to make them soft.
Water boiled with cumin seeds can be given to infants to control dysentery.
Limejuice is an effective remedy for vomiting. Take a glass of chilled limejuice and sip slowly. 
Take 2 cardamoms/elachi and roast them on a dry pan. Powder the cardamoms and add a tsp of honey in it. Consume it frequently. It serves as a fabulous home remedy for vomiting. 
Take a baking soda bath to relieve skin irritations.
To prevent vomiting, drink ginger tea. Or In 1 glass water, add some honey and drink sip by sip.
Those who have brittle and delicate hair can use baby shampoo.
To cleanse your feet soak them in baby wash or soap.
To relieve pain, arthiritis patients must drink plenty of cherry juice.
Turmeric can be used to relieve digestive problems like ulcers, dysentery.
Tulsi  reduces the gas formation.  Eat five to six basil leaves after your meal to get instant relief.
You can add it to food, milk or just take 1/2 a tablespoon of turmeric with 1 teaspoon of honey once a day will keep your liver in good condition.You must sip this while it's warm.
Women, to soothe a rough period, add a little cinnamon to your coffee and tea or sprinkle on food.
Physical activity, even mild, will keep your body fit.
Prevent digestive upsets with pineapple , one cup of fresh pineapple daily will help your digestive system.
Reduce the intake of oily foods or fast foods.
Salt is a great disinfectant , clean wounds with salt water soaked materials, to prevent inflammation.
Saunf  aides in digestion and relieves constipation. 
Spinach juice cures the burning sensation in the throat.
Before cooking wash spinach leaves properly.
Riboflavin  can help eliminate migraines.
Prevent leg cramps with tomato juice daily.
For curing dry cough chew a cardamom for a long time.
 To keep your eyelashes smooth, brush them with petroleum jelly before going to bed at night.
 To remove strong odours from your hands rub them with baking soda and water.

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