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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Have you realised your true identity..speciality..?

Am here to complain, to cry and to vent my anger. Where am I now? Nowhere near the promises, far away from the dreams, so mean and low that even I don’t like myself. Am going to ask God straight to the face! Why didn’t You give me a better life? If He knew the kind of mood I was in, He’d not come but there He’s. He’s come with his characteristic smile as always.

“So, tell me. Which is the bigger sin? To kill a man or to kill a dream?”,I started with a question.
GOD said, “What doubt is there? You can’t take anyone’s life including yours. That’s the biggest crime. After all, no one can kill your dreams, including yourself. Dreamless life is lifeless life. It can’t even exist. So the first one is the biggest crime”.

“No one can kill a dream? Are You crazy? See how pathetic a life am leading. I can’t live a decent life like others and You are talking about a dream life”, I started venting out.
“Well, you are misunderstood. No one is here without a specialty. You’ve to find yours to follow your dream, that’s it. I guess, you’ve not understood my point clearly. Let me tell you a short story.” Thus GOD started telling a fascinating story.

“Once upon a time in a thick forest, there was a new born bird living with its parents and relatives as a group. It was so young that it couldn’t even distinguish its friends and others. One fine morning, it’s parents and others left it at home and went out in search of food. Little bird found it boring to be all alone and started wandering alone inside the forest, only to lose its way after awhile. It became dark and the kid bird got frightened. After sometime, it found a crow’s nestand took shelter there. The crows as they have never seen this kind of a bird before, showed sympathy and allowed the kid to stay for that night. Morning when it left the crow’s nest, the kid bird felt so bad about itself. Why am I not like the crows? Aren’t they so kind and generous? They always live together. Wish I was like them.

Feeling like this it went in search of its parents. Only failure was waiting for it and this night it had to spend with the nightingale. Next morning when it started its pursuit again, the feeling of being small began to haunt. Why can’t I sing so melodiously like these nightingales? Why wasn’t I born like them? Why am I so useless about everything? And thinking like this, it continued its search for roots.

Yet another day passed and this night the stay was with the mightyeagles. The kid bird said to itself, well, if am not finding my parents tomorrow, am going to end my life. Its anxiety grew much larger and by morning it lost all its physical and mental strength. Am not a good living being at all, am not as intelligent as the crow, can’t sing  melodies like the nightingale, can’t fly high and look majestic like the eagle. Am not like any of these birds. Am so mean and small and useless and there’s no purpose am living on earth. May be I belong to a group that’s the most inferior of all bird groups.

Thus thinking it started moving towards a small stream of water. There it saw a sight that was the most beautiful it has ever seen. Agroup of swans were swimming across the water stream. The beauty of the swans and their swimming together was awesome. The beauty of the sight got into the kid bird and without thinking twice the little bird jumped into the river and Alas, it could swim. It could move along with the swans just as they are. Its joy knew no bounds. The little bird was no crow, no nightingale, no eagle, but a swan. The noblest and the most beautiful of all birds, it was a swan.

Now tell me what do you learn from the story?” God finished the story and asked me.
The bird was lucky to be a swan and not a crow or nightingale or eagle, said I.

God smiled, “You got it wrong, as expected. The moral is not that the swan is the most special. Moral is that everyone is special. See all the birds the swan met. They all had some speciality. Actually, it wanted to be everyone else but itself, till it realized its own identity. Your identity is your specialty.

You are the noblest, the best and the most beautiful when you realize and enjoy what you are.

The ultimate dream of all life is to reveal this identity to the world. The pursuit of finding your speciality , realizing its potential and living with it forms the fascinating journey called life. People who realize this live the life to its fullest. Others like you, blame me”, said GOD. Then continued, “See to stand out in the crowd, it’s not only important to possess something that others don’t, but it’s also important not to have something all others possess. That’s whylosing is as important as possessingLose the identity you stole from someone else, possess your own. You’ll win your dream!”, he said and vanished. The smile was still in the air!

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