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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Great Tips for an Uncluttered Home!

Are you tired yet of a cluttered home where you can't find anything when you need it,  but stumble over every useless junk in the house? Then lend me your ears, as I will offer some advice on how to have a more organized home!
The rule of 5:
tips for the home

Every time you clean, you must select at least 5 items to throw away (and  we're not talking about pieces of paper - real objects!)
Use velcro to make sure your remotes stay put.
tips for the home

Save yourselves hours of your life spending a few minutes every time looking for that darn remote.
Use shower curtain hooks in your closet.
tips for the home

They take a lot less room than hangers do.
You have some great space under your desk.
tips for the home

Utilize the space under your desk, it's a great place to keep some important things for easy access while working.
Make a doll or stuffed animal play pen using elastic cords.
tips for the home

Not only will your kid enjoy having his/her own play pen, but it makes putting them away that much easier!
The bed comes first
tips for the home

The reasons are threefold: It gives you a place to start, it makes sure you create a clean spot for yourself right away, and it makes all the other clutter look out of place now.
When it's really hot - clean your fridge and freezer.
tips for the home

You'll be cooling off while doing something productive!
Simplify the process of organizing your clothes with this question.
tips for the home

Use a sock to keep those cords in place.
tips for the home
Cords can become so convoluted they seem a riddle by the sphinx. Use an  ordinary sock cut on both sides to make sure the mess is minimal.
Use pill boxes to keep some of your important small objects.
tips for the home
This will simplify your life and make it easier to find the little items you need.
Stuff your bed sheets in the matching pillowcase.
tips for the home

A great way to save room in your closet.
Use the 'stuff basket' method at home.
tips for the home

Does everyone leave their stuff everywhere? Put some personal stuff baskets around so that you can easily pick something up and put it in that  person's basket for them to retrieve later.
Try to open your mail next to a recylcling bin.
tips for the home
That way you can get rid of unwanted junk mail right away and be green.
Hang your less used cords on hooks on the inside of your closet.
tips for the home

Some cords are rarely used, but when you need them, you really need them. They tend to get lost, so this is a good solution to the probelm.
Hang a basket in your garage or backyard for the hose and sprinkler.
tips for the home
That way you can loop the hose around and put the sprinkler in the bucket.
Run your chargers through the back of your nightstand.
tips for the home

No more looking for those charges anymore at night!
Hooks are better than towel bars. 
tips for the home

It's a fact, Jack.
Have 2-3 more dishes than the maximum placement. Having too many dishes will delay washing them.
tips for the home

This will encourage people to do the dishes, not just take another set out

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