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Saturday, November 8, 2014

SaraNãgati – Surrender

To lay our Buddhi prostrate is SaraNãgati. To make it clear to our own minds symbolically only the act of doing 'Sãshtãnga Namaskãra' – 'साष्टाङ्ग नमस्कार' has been evolved. Eight parts of the body in the case of males and five parts of the body in the case of females are to touch the ground. In that, the most important part to be brought down from its high-altitude and attitude is the head! The Sãstrãs lay down the rules to which we have to lay ourselves down! You have heard of the Tamil word 'keezh padidal' – 'கீழ் படிதல்', that is what it is. For that inner submissiveness to Vedas and to God as the main message of the Vedas, the outer indication is this act of Namaskãra. When you do Namaskãra to others, you are indicating your submissiveness – 'keezh padidal' – 'கீழ் படிதல்' not to any man on earth but to the God in him!

Here there is no work for the brain, ego and Ahankãra. Instead there is trust, faith and belief known as Shraddha. When there is a heat wave, we know it and so do we know when there is cold breeze blowing. With such certainty and clarity we should know that in the unseen world of inner dynamics of Ãtma Loka, what Vedas say is the Truth, not meant for anyone's individual unfair advantage but one's own individual spiritual progress. This certainty is Shraddha. If we take that Shraddha as the capital input, it will take us to the state of implicit obedience known as SaraNãgati of complete கீழ் படிதல், where there is no work for our Buddhi and no place for any more questions! 

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