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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Medicine for drunkenness

Source: In the Presence of the Divine
Narratives of Experiences with Maha Periyaval - Volume 1
Translated by: Sujatha Vijayaraghavan

When Periyaval was camping in Sivasthanam, a drunk created a riot in front of the Matha. Devotees coming to the Sri Matha found it very disturbing. It was impossible to bear his crazed shouting. The language he used was terribly foul.

The matter reached Periyaval.

At once Periyava removed the garland of lemon that he was wearing and instructed that it be given to the drunkard. The drunk ripped the garland apart, and taking once fruit at a time, smelt all of them and flung them away on all sides. By the time he came to the last lemon, he was fully cured of his drunkenness. He regretted his behaviour and felt remorseful. From a distance he prostrated to Periyaval and ran away.

The whole thing seemed like magic!

Everyone was stunned to see the drunkard change in a moment, like a snake charmed by a spell. Only medical researchers should tell us if lemon has the capacity to cure a person of drunkenness.

Not only was the man cured of his drunkenness, he also came back to reason. Who effected that? Only Sankara knows....

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