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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

If this is not a miracle, then what else is?

Source: Moments of a Lifetime 
Author: Shripada - Chinmaya Mission Deenabandhu Devasthanam, Indranagar, Bangalore

Way back in 1978, Paramacharya was camping in Sondur, near Bellary, in a Shiva Temple. Poojya Swami Brahmananda of Chinmaya Mission, Karnataka wanted to have darshan of the great Mahatma. Along with five devotees-members of Chinmaya Mission, he left for Bellary. There, the Vattam family, who are very old mission members, hosted Swamiji. All of them together started for Sondur, in the early morning. The hosts were very anxious that Swamiji should have breakfast before starting, or atleast pack it and eat on the way. But Swamiji was very firm in his decision that he would not eat a morsel of food until he had the darshan of Paramacharya.

No amount of persuasion could make him change his mind. So they thought as soon as they reached Soundur and the Shiva Temple, they would get the darshan of Paramacharya and could eat something immediately thereafter. But all their plans went haywire when they reached their destination. There they learnt that as it was a Dwadasi day, Paramacharya had given darshan to the public in the early morning itself, before Dwadasi Parani (early morning lunch), and retired to his room for rest. The next darshan would be given only at 4.30 pm. Imagine the plight of our devotees! They started arguing with Swamiji that he must have something to eat, and they could not allow him to fast for such a long time.

Swamiji replied, 'Nobody ever died just by fasting for a day. When we have come to see a great Mahatma, it is not proper to pamper ourselves with our petty desires, before the darshan. If you can't bear the hunger, you can eat, but not me!"

That silenced the devotees, and they just sat quietly hoping and praying that 4.30 pm would come fast. All the hundreds of people who had come there had eaten sumptuous Dwadasi Parani meals and were sleeping soundly, all over the corridors of the temple. It was then that the miracle took place. It was about 10.30 am, and all of a sudden, the doors of Paramacharya's room opened. He sat there on the ground in His usual pose holding up the Abhata Hasta. He beckoned to Swamiji and his devotees. They all sat with Him and spent nearly 10 to 15 minutes with Paramacharya. The door closed again.

When they told the other people about this, nobody believed them. Swamiji and the group then ate something, waited again for the common darshan at 4.30 pm and then returned to Bellary.

If this is not a miracle, then what else is?

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