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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Home Management Part 27

Add a spoon  of  grated  ginger or ginger Julianne while cooking vegetables like cabbage, potato, and raw bananas. 
Always cut the vegetables into uniform pieces. There is consistency in cooking and retains the flavours.
Avoid throwing or tossing a knife.
Before leaving the kitchen on any important work, make sure to turn off burners as soon as you take the pot off. 
Collect the broken glass pieces in the plastic bag, wrap it in old newspaper and put it in a box and inform everyone.
Don’t use extension cords in the kitchen.
For an instant tasty evening snack, add a table spoon of grated coconut and jaggery powder with puffed rice (Poha) and mix well .
Grated coconut mixed with sugar as topping tastes well in south Indian dishes like appam, puttu and idiappam.
Keep  candles away from the stove in the kitchen. Put them off before leaving the kitchen. 
Make Coffee ice cubes (Black Coffee) for your favourite iced coffee.
Never add water to a pan that has hot oil in it. It could make the oil splatter. 
Put a child lock for your oven, medicine cabinets, TV, Fridge  and the power sockets.
Raw coconut when chewed cures the mouth ulcer. 
Scrub the stain on your cloth with a mixture of milk and lemon juice. Leave overnight and wash!
Sprinkle a table spoon of corn flour in the end to make the vegetables more crispy while shallow frying them .
Sprinkle some cornstarch on a stubborn knot to help untangle it with ease.
Store cooked articles above uncooked ones. Remember to cover all food in the refrigerator.
Take a clean cloth and soak it in milk, then wipe your leather shoes carefully to get an immediate shine. This can be used for other leather products as well! 
To avoid the fungal growth on beans, wash and dry them properly before storing them in the fridge. 
To extract the sweet milk left behind, after taking out the corn off the cob, use the wooden part of the knife to scrape the cob again. This milk adds flavor to the corn dish.
Use a cup of tea decoction to wash and make your hair shiny and soft .
Use old pillow covers as cloth bags to store leafy vegetables in the fridge. 
Use quality materials storage containers. Check the jars have no cracks or chips, and test lids for both roundness and flatness. A good seal is the most important part of canning.
Use skimmed milk, instead of coconut milk or cream, for adding richness to a dish.

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