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Monday, October 6, 2014

That was Anjaneya treatment

A devotee had a skin infection that turned his face black. It looked so repulsive that he could not even step out of his house. He came to Periyaval and narrated his plight in a sorrowful tone, praying for a way out of his embarrassing plight.

Periyaval suggested that the devotee offer butter to be applied on the Hanuman figure worshipped in the temple and then receiving it as prasada apply it on his own face. Let it soak for a while and then rub it off with a piece of cloth. The devotee did as he was told for ten days or so. Everyday when he wiped off the butter with the cloth, the darkness on his skin came off little by little. His face cleared and became bright once again.

"That was Anjaneya treatment", said Periyava.

"No, the Acharyal's treatment", said the devotee. Both ofcourse are true....

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