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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Tatkal Reservation

Tatkal Reservation scheme came and a lot of relief to passengers, who have to book in the last minute. Fortunately so far I never got into this web, hope not in the future. Though I spent a number of years, waiting for the          EQ quota to be cleared for my travel from Anand to Bangalore ( a pain to wait to know your coach just a couple of hours before the journey) I could easily avoid my trip from Bangalore to Chennai, lucky enough to get my reservations done in a short notice.

Under this scheme like RAC, one is not sure of the seats/ berths allotted, it may be in a serial order or in different coaches, different bays. Even proper reservation done well in advance does not guarantee seats in a serial order, what to expect in tatkal? It’s tiring and sickening to spread the luggage in different places, and keep begging for exchange of seats. All co passengers are not good Samaritans to oblige you.

For the reservations , IRCTC asks for the numbers of your ID ., PAN, Voter’s, DL etc,. I have heard and thro mails, many have insisted on not providing the PAN numbers while booking  via tatkal , as there are chances of some crooked minds misusing the numbers to start their venture in a benami way. Many people hav also expressed their concern when they received the communication from ITax department asking them to pay their taxes for the transactions they have not done and the business they have not ventured into. The ID numbers  are clearly misused as these are displayed in the reservation charts.

Be cautious and take precautions. 

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