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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Some myths in reality

A person who has more hemoglobin count is likely to 

be a diabetic.

On the day of the blood test a person would require 

lot of iron to compensate for the drop of blood!

How much ever may be your sugar level a diabetic 

need not give up on eating jaggery based sweets...!

 (no connection between sugar and jaggery? )

The daughters and sons are decided by the fertility of 

the couple, if a male child, the husband is more fertile 

than his spouse!

Irrespective of the gender, the more body hair.... the 

healthy you are!

Children are not affected by thyroid below the age of 


The conjugal life remains the same if the wife 

undergoes C’ section for delivering her kids!

Drinking more water while eating would make you 

consume more food!

A husband addressing his wife by her name would 

become henpecked husbands, the lesser he 

addresses, the more bossy he becomes and she his 

slave for ever!

The wife opting for family planning would make her a 

free bird, but the case is not the same for the 


The more flirting the  man after marriage, the higher 

status he achieves in the society!

If you are  noisy  while send a signal 

across that  you are a foodie ..

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