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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Rare Dharmopadesas for Brahmins

Achara (rituals)   are  only Dharma. The Acharas  followed by  holy people is  Sadachara and Aacharas followed by eminent followers of the religion   is Sishtachara. Though we generally tell Achara  as Dharma  , the rules which help practice Dharma  is Sadachara.  In some places Dharma is the dress and Achara  are the limbs. For example performing Sandhyavandana is a Dharma, but performing  it after taking bath, after marking the forehead with sacred marks and wearing a Panchakacha  is  the aacharas. Even Vedas do not support a person who does not have aacharas.  By following Achara   we can get a long span of life and also become   wealthy  . So many Dharma Sasthras say that Dharma is born out of aacharas and anyone who leaves aacharas   has  a very short span of life.
  Karma or Dharma is a medicine that removes sins. Achara  is the discipline  that we have to follow in taking the medicine . When you do not follow the disciplines, in spite of taking medicine  , the   disease is not cured. Sometimes even the discipline only cures  the diseases. One Purana says that  a hunter who only  followed Achara , got a Brahmin birth. Any religious without following the aacharas   does not give result... to read 

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