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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

MTR Gulab Jamun

Recently we purchased MTR Ready made Gulab Jamun.
We were in for a surprise, not only the container was good, even the spoon which they have given along with was of an excellent quality with a new fold and use type.First time I see such a type of spoon.Very handy for picnics, travelling and does not occupy space.Easy to carry especially when travelling with kids.It can fit into any purse, handbag and decent also.No surprise after reading this if people go for the Gulab Jamun mainly for the spoon. check the pics.. 

The spoon here is not folded can be folded into two. 

 This fold is for serving or eating....

Here it is folded to the minimum. 

The cost for two pieces is Rs. 35/-

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