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Monday, October 13, 2014

"I too had the desire to learn from that Sannyasi!"

"I too had the desire to learn from that Sannyasi!"
It was in the year when Periyava was camping at Karad (Maharashtra) on the banks of the confluence of Krishna and Koyna. There was a temple for Krishna Amba .
Periyava did His snanam in the confluence, completed His anushtanam and was giving darsanam to devotees in the temple, at the sannidhi of Krishan amba.

A sannyasi visited the temple.He read the 'aparokshAnUbhUthi' of Bhagavat PAdA in full (144 shlokAs) along with the commentary on it by Sri VidyAraNya. After he finished it Periyava asked two vidvAns to state the substance of what was read briefly. They did it in Sanskriṭ. After which the Sannyasi left taking leave of Periyava.]

Periyava later revealed who that sannyasi waṣ.

"He was the teacher of VedAntic shastrAs to the AcharyAs of Sri Sringeri Mutṭ. At present he does nothing but read the works of Bhagavad PAdA all the time!"

As Periyava expressed His desire to 'learn' from him, the Sannyasi had earlier come to Ugar and spent the entire day in fulfilling His desire. The Sannyasi had moved closely with Sri Chandrasekara Bharathi Swamigal of Sri Sringeri Mutt and taught Shastra pAtam to Hiṃ. He later taught the present AchAryA who adorns the Sri Sharadha Peetam of Sringeri and has earned that AchAryAś' respect too.

"I too had the desire to learn from that Sannyasi", He concludeḍ!

Translation by Shri Mohan Ramiah of incident from Tamil, published by The Association of Hindu Dharma in 1982-83.

In the picture are the Padukas of Adi Shankara Himself! Thanks a ton to Sri Sudarshan Iyer who says that, "it is present in our SriMatam only and in no other Mutt. This Paduka, covered with several layers of gold, is actually made of ivory, and has imprints of Srimad Acharyal's Padaravindam. With this same Paduka, the Bala Sanyasin (Adi Shankara) made Bharatha holy by treading across, spreading Sanathana Dharma and Advaita Siddhantha.The Paduka can be seen during the Deepa Namaskaram every evening!"
Let us all pray to Him earnestly and be blessed, today being Shankara Jayanthi!

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