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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Home management- Safety Measures part 4

“All locks do is keeping an honest man honest.” Many burglars go through great pains to become locksmiths. Alarm systems are good, but burglars find their way around them.
The biggest deterrent to burglarizing a home is "a dog."

Always remove the keys from the mouth of locks/keyholes of cabinets, almirahs and lockers.

Avoid keeping both your hands full while walking, this would give an upper hand to criminals to chain snatch, or pick your purse, hand bang.

Avoid keeping the mobile phones, laptops, slides, iPods, cameras and expensive electronic gadgets including watches etc., in  easily accessible areas.

Women in general avoid wearing heavy jewelleries and exercise caution while fetching  milk  early morning, dropping and picking up kids .

Avoid talking about your vacation, holiday plans in the presence of domestic helps, driver, and also do not disclose who you are giving your house keys during that time.

Don’t fail to read and update yourselves with details of crimes, modus operandi, etc., so that you will be guarded when similar confidence tricks are applied to you.

Don’t keep the key bunch visibly for everyone to seen. It is as good as keeping open all your safety equipment at home.

Employ servants and other domestic helps after verifying their bonafide, address, contacts, references and take their photographs.

It’s better to keep everyday expenses in a handy place and avoid going to the bedroom to fetch money to give to your regular monthly distribution.

Just before the distribution, take out the amount to be paid to servants, newspaper vendor, milkman, cable operator, gas etc and earmark them in a piece of paper and keep them handy for distribution. This way you do not make them wait, and it saves a lot of time.

The most important thing when making a decision is to use a little common sense. Make sure that it's a good marriage between your entry point and the hardware that you use to protect it.

 Don’t fit your entrance doors and windows with cheap locks with spaces having gaps allowing a human hand inside.

If your home has the type of window that you push up, put a metal or wooden bar diagonally across the top of all of your windows, making it impossible to push them up from the outside. Also, if you have a sliding glass door, secure it with a metal or wooden bar.

Make sure there are no windows near the door that intruders could break to unlock the door from the inside. The windows should open no more than 6 inches for ventilation.

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