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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Home Management Part 24

Always cook greens in an open container .

As soon as you get into the kitchen boil water which helps a lot for many things. Starting from coffee filter,
to soak tamarind and to wash kitchen towels. 

Boil water with salt and lime juice and immerse the cauliflower in it for few minutes to De-worm the vegetable. Then cut into small flowers and use.

Before going to bed, just spend ten minutes to make the kitchen ready for next morning.

Before grating Cheese, apply some oil in the grater so that the cheese comes out very easily and will be non sticky. 

Collect the crumbs of cereal, crackers or other snacks and crush the crumbs with a rolling pin. Then you can use them to dress up other courses, on icecreams, custards, fruit salads  or freeze them  for future use.

Don't ever try a new recipe for the first time on a busy morning.

Freeze home made tomato sauce into cubes to have longer life.

First boil the required amount of water well and then add the vegetable to avoid loss of nutrients due to over boiling. 

For reusing the green onions save their white roots and put the white ends in a cup of water.

Freeze lemon pieces and vinegar into cubes. Toss a few in your garbage disposal to freshen things up!

Grapes are best stored in Paper bags.

If the saltiness is the result of an over-reduced soup or stew, add water or add few drops of lemon juice to overcome saltiness.

Lesser the size of the pan minimum the time for cooking and less loss of nutrients while boiling.

Make yummy and easy bites by adding melted white chocolate with roasted peanuts, raisins and almonds together and freezing.

Organized kitchen will make you to love cooking.

On working days, choose the recipe with fewer ingredients.

Potatoes soaked in saltwater for 20 minutes cook rapidly.

Recipes aren't always accurate and can often times mislead you. So you can alter using your instinct.

Snacks such as potato chips or crackers put them in the microwave for 10 seconds.

Save the boiling water if draining the vegetable and use it for soup and gravies which has lots of nutrients and minerals.

To neutralize bad odors from the freezer, put a bowl of ground coffee (you can add a few drops of vanilla extract).

We all plan the menu for the next day but fail to check whether we have the vegetables and groceries  needed for it are in stock. So always do both simultaneously in advance.

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