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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Home Management : For a safe Diwali 543 words

Diwali, ‘Festival of Lights’ is around the corner. Everyone wishes to have a peaceful, safe festive mood. All mishaps occur due to our carelessness, negligence and ignorance.  Simple precautions  would help a lot. Here are some do’s and don’ts which everyone has to keep in mind so we celebrate and let others also celebrate this festival cheerfully.


Always be available with your kids while bursting Crackers.
Always use a long candle/'phooljhari' for igniting fire crackers and keep elbow joint straight to increase the distance between the body and the crackers.
Better to have a community display of fireworks rather than individuals handling crackers.
Do not burst crackers between 10 P.M.  and 6 A.M .
Douse sparklers with water and allow them to cool in a safe place away from children.
Follow the label directions.
Go for authorized/reputed manufacturers’ brand crackers .
Keep away from combustible materials like buildings, trees, electric wires  ,transformers ,dry grass and other obstacles.
Keep children away from fireworks, and never allow them to lit without any adults supervising them .
Keep ready the First Aid kit.
Keep the fireworks to be used at a safer place.
Keep two buckets of water handy.
Light a firework at arm’s length, standing back and keeping your face away.
Light only one firework at a time, by one person. Others should watch from a safe distance.
Maintain some distance while bursting crackers.
Persons having breathing problem, cold, cough and fever should stay indoors with windows and doors closed.
Put cotton in your ears to protect them from noise pollution.
Remove inflammable materials and condemned articles from roof tops.
Stay away from bursting crackers near Hospitals/Nursing Homes/vehicles etc.
Stay away from misfired fireworks.
Try to wear tight cotton clothes, avoid synthetic clothes .
Use Crackers in open areas only.
Use crackers with low noise level only.
Wear spectacles to protect your eyes,wear shoes / slippers while bursting crackers.


Avoid use of glass bottles/containers for firing rockets.
Crackers of high noise level may lead to temporary or permanent hearing loss.
 Do not fire crackers in staircases or in the terraces.
Do not light two crackers at the same time.
Do not put any container on the cracker which is being fired.
Don’t carry fireworks in your pocket.
Don't light firecrackers in narrow by lanes, preferably use open areas and parks.
Don't store firecrackers near burning candles and diyas.
Don't throw lit crackers in the air or in closed area.
Never take unnecessary risks while lighting fireworks, just to show off.

First Aid –

For superficial burns  do not apply butter, ice, grease, powder, or any other remedies to the burn.
If a person gets burn injury, wash the affected area with plenty of cold tap water.
Best is to apply Maida over to cool it and keep away from blisters. Squeezing the juice from a plantain tree bark,and idli /dosa  batter happen to be best remedies.
Seek medical help immediately when the burn comes from a fire, an electrical wire or socket, or chemicals.
Don't rub your eyes if any foreign particles / bodies enter your eyes. After washing your eyes, seek medical help.
The patient should be taken to a burns specialist or a major hospital. Don't panic.

Happy and Safe Diwali !!!

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