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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Basic Principles of Vaastu

This is this placement of universal elements in relation to the four principal directions : For better results, any activity in your residence or office should be supplemented by the cosmic position of the elements.
The North-East (NE) is assigned to Water : Have a bore well, underground water tank in that position. The South-East (SE) is assigned to Fire : Have your kitchen, pantry, furnace, boiler there. The North-West (NW) is assigned to Air : There have a guest-room bed room for unmarried girls or a store for finished goods .

The South-West (SW) is assigned to Earth : Itis the most stable of all elements. Keep it heavy and this is the best place for master Bed Room. The Centre is assigned to Space :Have the least possible activity in this area.
How does an imbalance in these elements affect us ? An imbalance in these elements in the natural cycle causes Floods , Typhoons, Volcanoes, Earthquakes and so on .Similarly, an imbalance of these elements in our diet can easily be felt physically . The food that we eat gives us energy. If our diet is balanced, our body gets the necessary energy and we feel good. When there is an excess of some element in our diet, say, fire, that is ,an excess of spices or chillies, there will be acidity. The( physical )discomfort in our stomach will guide us to have anti acid tablets as well as a change in diet. Likewise, an imbalance of these elements outside our body in our surroundings creates a discomfort which we do not feel physically but experience mentally as energy centres (Chakras) of the body get disturbed .Whenever we are trying to balance/attain an equilibrium objectively, it should simultaneously be supplemented subjectively through meditation. This helps to accelerate the process of energy flow and effects are achieved or felt faster, that is to work on the horizontal axis as well as vertical axis and the resultant is what we experience .In following the tenets of Vaastu, we are trying to overcome mental discomfort and attain peace of mind.
With Vaastu , we are not changing our destiny. We are only trying to smoothen our lives. Destiny always prevails. But by using remedial measures as provided by Vaastu, one can reduce the difficulties of one’s life.
The destiny of each individual is predetermined by his past Karma that becomes the vehicle through which he travels his present life to reach his destiny. The driver of the vehicle is his Action and the fuel tothe vehicle is his Thought. The road to destiny can be smoothened by following Vaastu or it will continue to be rough. For some the road is smooth even without knowing or following Vaastu. However , it is advisable to follow Vaastu for opening up the gates to a healthy and happy life .

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