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Monday, September 1, 2014

Medical Profession- A Business!

The other day I just went to my campus doctor saying that I felt palpitation and wanted him to check my BP. He did and it was slightly high and advised me to take for three days and It came to normal the next day. But still he felt it could be that I have thyroid problem and went undetected so advised me to go for blood test. As I was due for my regular yearly blood test I went ahead and everything was normal, I went for plain ECG and the report detected some unusual occurrence so advised EEG for which I had to go to a specialty hospital. After it was done,the Specialist doctor ruled out any problem and said I am perfectly normal.

As a ritual I went to my campus doctor, he just glanced at it and said ,' why don't you go to M..... D.........C....., quote my name and get it done then we can rule out and be safe'.

Not only this time on earlier occasions too he had advised me to go to this particular diagnostics centre. I decided to go where I feel comfortable and I know the cuts these doctors get. He is one of specialist doctors who visits thrice .The beauty was the same doctor who did this EEG was also a consultant here. This happened almost a year ago.

Earlier Amir Khan 's T V serial 'Satyameye Jayathe'  exposed the 'business like' attitude of the medical professionals .There is a collusion between the pharma companies and the Testing / Scanning centres  going on for many years.

 Most of the free check up camps favour this just by offering ‘free’-  hiding their diagnosis and testing techniques to get a cut. This is true with the clinics, health care products manufacturers, and by the pharmaceutical companies.

The recent telecast of ‘Neeya Naana’ programme on Vijay TV  is a real eye opener on the illegal  ways of the medical preofessionists.

 Most of the participating doctors felt the same and admitted openly in the forum, in fact a couple of them spoke about the mounting pressure on them to meet the target for the number of scans and tests to continue with their posts.

Central Health Minister Ashok Vardan has constituted a medical committee at AIIMS to probe into this subject.

One can hardly see any medical practitioners function independently. They accept kickbacks from the pharmaceutical companies for prescribing their drugs.They sometimes over treat their patients leading to serious irreversible damage. 
When one goes to a clinic or hospital- pray for your luck to cast its charm on you and not on the doctors. It's not in your hands... it's in your purse!

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