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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Is Periyaval Kali or Kamakshi?

A lady alighted from the bus near Sri Matha with her ten-year old daughter. Holding the child by her hand, she crossed the road. Many thoughts preoccupied her.

"Hopefully the place is not crowded. Will I be able to receive Periyaval's darsan in peace?, and so on. When she reached the entrance of the Matha, she suddenly realised the child was missing. She was shocked. She looked around, but the child was not to be seen. She went in and told Periyaval about it. Periyava closed his eyes and sat silently for a while, as if in meditation.

"Go to the Kalikambal temple. Write, "My child is missing. Find her and bring her back to me," on a chit and with an offering of one rupee, drop it into the hundi at the temple and then come back.

The lady left in an agitation chanting, "Kali, Kali.' silently in her mind as she went.

What a wonderful surprise! The little girl was standing at the entrance of the temple, sobbing. Some devotees were attempting to pacify the child. The lady clarified her identity and came back, bringing the child with her. Her heart melting in gratitude, she prostrated to Periyava.

"Did you write the note and drop it in the hundi?"

"Yes, I did. It was Periyava that I saw in the sanctum sanctorium. Here I am able to see only "Kali".

Is Periyaval Kali or Kamakshi? All forms of the Divine Mother are His!

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