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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Home Management - House security part 3

Avoid fitting your entrance doors and windows with easily breakable or openable gadgets like hinges, glasses, and cheap locks with spaces having  gaps allowing a human hand inside.

Certain locations are more susceptible to floods. Find past records of flooding in your area if the house is near large bodies of water.

Check the doors for sturdiness. Make sure they are made of solid wood or metal, and that they are not worn from age or use. Many intruders enter households by kicking in the front door.

Don’t answer unknown persons demanding some address, or offering some parcel as courier or asking for favours including supply of drinking water.  It may be a tactic to gain entry inside. Direct them to a nearby shop. They would not go.

Don’t be carried away by the sincerity of servants because most criminals first strive hard to gain confidence and trust and then attack causing the major loss, including loss of life if situation warranted for them.

Don’t fail to notify 100 if you suspect the presence of strangers in your area and movement of young persons in two wheelers at odd hours.

 Don’t forget that criminals watch and wait for the proper time to attack and rob the senior citizens when alone, and are schematic.

Don’t ignore communication with family members. The gap in relationship causes adverse situations resulting in loss of property and life also.

Don’t neglect educating children in the family regarding safety and security and self defence tactics.

Don’t open the doors and allow strangers and service personnel unless you know them and  verified their identity.

 Don’t reveal your monetary worth and possession of jewellery  in front of third parties.

Ensure the garage door is closed to prevent intruders to use it as a means of entry.

In addition, make sure there are no windows near the door that intruders could break to unlock the door from the inside.

Inspect all possible points of entry for intruders. Make sure windows and doors all close and lock properly.

Keep your surroundings of your properties clean. Unkempt properties give a wrong signal about the habitant. You are likely to be an easy target for intruders. Overgrown bushes and landscaping give intruders more hiding places.

Make sure that enough natural lighting reaches the yard. Look for sources of artificial light for night time around the house.

The house number should be clearly seen from a distance in case of emergencies for the police to come to your rescue.

Trees that are close to the home can provide access to a higher floor entry.

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