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Monday, September 22, 2014

Home Management – House security part 2

Always Practice Safe Habits .Keep the garage  and basement doors closed .

If your house has poor lighting, install lights and lamps around the house to eliminate any hiding places.

Keep the greenery trimmed and well-kept. Do not give the Intruders to stay out of sight.

The main gate should be in a good working condition. Though it can’t stop intruders it will at least deter them.

Best way is to plant roses or thorny plants under windows and fences to make breaking in harder for intruders.

Do not keep a key hidden around the house, on the window gaps, above the sunshade under the footrest.... Rather, keep your spare keys with a trusted neighbour along with your contact number.

Never keep your tool kit handy or in the vicinity. Otherwise, it may provide tools for intruders to use when breaking in.

Have phone calls from your home forwarded to your cell phone if you are not home, so others won’t know when you are gone.

Do not compromise on the locks, once they are faulty try and fix a new one immediately. Tighten the screws of the lock once in a month and also check for any tampering done whenever you come back from vacation.

Sliding glass doors should also have anti-lift devices to keep them from being lifted out of the track. For sliding doors, ensure the latch and door rollers work properly.

In an independent house surveillance cameras will help you keep an eye on all areas of your house. Alarms will immediately and effectively alert you to an intruder, so you can keep your family and home safe.

Whenever you need to go out of station, leave a set of keys with your neighbours to handle in case of emergencies. Also give the possible places you are likely to visit and the contact number apart from the cell numbers. If your lock system is slightly complicated brief them about to avoid delay in case of emergencies. A casual call once in two days and a personal thank you note would help you. Also be ready to reciprocate the same. When you are out of town disconnect the power points for safety measures. Disconnect your land line as the unanswered call might be a boon to the intruders. Do not hang clothes outside if locking the house for a long time unless it’s not visible or live in closely constructed flats. 

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