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Monday, September 15, 2014

Home Management – House security. Part 1

 House security is the most important aspect whether it’s in a familiar or unfamiliar location. 

Thefts and burglary are on the increase, so never have large trees and potted plants near the doorway, shrub walls and other things that can provide shadows and hiding places for burglars. 
Trees that are close to the home can provide access to a higher floor entry .Over grown bushes give intruders more hiding places. Make sure that your house gets enough natural lighting.

Make your front door much more visible. Do not give room for shadows, so add extra lighting. Preferably paint the front door in a bright color. Do not go for automatic door locks as it might lock you out without the key, it’s better to have a manual door lock which would ensure you lock it yourself.

Ensure the doors are sturdy and are made of solid wood or metal and not old for the intruders to kick and enter.

 In addition, make sure there are no windows near the door which facilitates the intruders to break to unlock the door from the inside.

Always make it a habit to check for the doors and windows at night and when you lock the house and go on a holiday or for a longer duration. Secure the multiple entrances if any especially back and side entrances which are more vulnerable. 
Inspect all possible points of entry for intruders. 

Make sure windows and doors all close and lock properly.

If any part of the windows or doors need to be fixed or repaired do it immediately for your safety sake. Try to get new additional locks.

When you go for fancy windows remember to consider the safety aspect in mind.
Always keep doors and windows to your garage /basement locked.  Any doors on the outside leading into your home should have sturdy bolts. 

In our home we have many keys like house keys, 4, 2 wheelers key.... The biggest mistake in home security is to have a beautiful piece of wood right out inside close to the main door with convenient hooks on it. 

This gives any intruder to lay his hands on. They do not have to take your key just an impression on a soap bar would suffice for them to make duplicate.

  We go for our comfort and easy way but it might end up with a big nuisance. A few steps extra would do no harm even in urgency.

A lot of people have a chain and plate lock .The chain locks are just a courtesy lock, and can obviously be quite easily broken off. Better security is a small glass peephole. 

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